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The 2002 Show Of Strength Pictures: Page 1.

The 2002 Show Of Strength Pictures!

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At The Expo

The arm wrestling competition was fierce!
Lee and Cathy Priest in the booth. Both competed this weekend!

Cover model Frank Sepe in the Met-Rx booth.
Dave Palumbo looking huge in the Scitec booth.

Real wrestling... so this is what is looks like!
Kevin Levrone and Mike Matarazzo!

Lifting an unbelievable amount of weight!
Putting on a show at the expo.

He completed the lift!
You can tell by his face that he is giving it everything he has!

April, Cynthia and Brenda Kelly in our booth.
Hawk and Brenda.

Brenda Kelly enjoying dessert at Emrils!
Brenda and her friend having a great time.

Brenda Kelly with Chris Cormier! He placed 3rd in the contest.
A great picture of Rosemary Jennings, Cathy Priest and Valentina Chepiga from the show. All three are writers!

April with Brenda Kelly and Valentina Chepiga on the famous Bourbon street!
April (from having TOO much fun with Valentina Chepiga, who placed 1st in the lightweight division this weekend.

Pro Idrise Ward-el with Brenda Kelly.
Brenda Kelly with Kelly at the expo.

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