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12 Week Transformation Video Guide: Weeks 9 & 10.

In this episode, follow along with former fattie Brian Friedman as he's trained by Rico McClinton and Bob Cicherillo. Follow his workouts, and you'll get the same results! This week: increasing intensity as we enter the home stretch!

Weeks 9 & 10: Increasing Intensity!

Front Pose Back Pose Side Pose
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Brian Friedman - Start Of Week 9.

    Brian's Stats: Start Of Week 9

Bodypart Measurement Now Week 1 Change
Weight 193 Pounds 218 Pounds -25 Pounds
Body Fat 18.5 Percent 27 Percent -8.5 Percent
Chest 40 Inches 44 Inches -4 Inches
Waist 39 Inches 44 Inches -5 Inches
Hips 40.5 Inches 45 Inches -4.5 Inches
Thighs 25 Inches 25.5 Inches -0.5 Inches
Calf 16 Inches 16 Inches 0 Inches
Bicep 15.5 Inches 15 Inches +0.5 Inches

One of the hardest yet most beneficial parts of starting a transformation is writing down that initial list of body part measurements, weight and bodyfat percentage. The fun part is watching these numbers continue to change during the final few weeks of your challenge!

In this video, Brian's former personal trainer, Tito Raymond, has been replaced by a good friend and former competitor of Bob Cicherillo, Rico McClinton. Rico is really increasing the intensity of Brian's workouts, and the results are amazing!

Your Training
Your Nutrition
Your Supplements
Your Motivation
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Weeks 9-10: Your Program

..... -> Training: .....

    Please be sure to warm up for 5-10 minutes cardiovascular prior to weight training. Also, warm up for several sets prior to your working sets.

    Note: Sets are reduced from 3 down to two during these next two weeks. Both sets on each exercise are to be conducted as a drop set. Once failure is reached on the initial eight reps, immediately follow this with a lighter weight that will allow another equal amount of reps. This is to be done twice on each exercise.

What Is A Drop Set?
A drop set is a set where you do as many reps as you can with a certain weight, then immediately lower the weight and do more reps. There should be as little rest as possible between sets.

Brian Friedman Exercising
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Rico McClinton Blasting Brian Friedman's Triceps!

Brian Friedman Exercising
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Brian Blasting His Legs On The Leg Press Machine.

dot arrow Nutrition: dot

    Carbohydrates are reduced this time from ½ cup down to ¼ cup.

    One teaspoon of flaxseed oil or one tablespoon of almond butter should be taken with the meals not containing carbohydrates.

Brian Friedman Exercising
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Brian Busting Out Those Incline DB Presses.

    The fourth updated example is listed below:

    Meal 1 (Pre-Cardio)

    Meal 2

      Option 1 - A fist-sized portion of fish mixed with ¼ cup of brown rice and vegetables
      Option 2 - A palm-sized portion of steak with a palm-sized portion of pasta
      Option 3 - A fist-sized portion of chicken with a palm-sized baked potato

      2 glasses of water

    Meal 3

      Option 1 - ½ meal replacement shake. The CNP products are a great choice and taste great when mixed in a blender with ice cubes.
      Option 2 - Two turkey sandwiches on whole meal bread.
      Option 3 - A fist-sized portion of lean ground beef and ½ a palm-sized portion of sweet potato.

    Meal 4 (Pre-Workout)

      Option 1 - A palm-sized portion of steak and salad.
      Option 2 - 6-10 Egg white omelete with veggies.
      Option 3 - 1 Protein bar. The Detour bar has proven to be popular.


      5g of L-Glutamine
      5g of Prolab Creapure
      3 glasses of water

    Meal 5 (Post-Workout)

      Option 1 - 35g of Whey Protein Powder.
      Option 2 - One palm-sized turkey patty combined with 2 egg whites.
      Option 3 - One palm-sized portion of chicken and veggies.

      5g of L-Glutamine
      5g of Prolab Creapure
      3 glasses of water

    Meal 6

      Option 1 - One palm-sized portion of chicken wrapped in lettuce and salsa.
      Option 2 - One palm-sized portion of steak and veggies.
      Option 3 - 6-10 Egg white and vegetable omelette.

      5g of L-Glutamine
      2 glasses of water

..... -> Supplementation: .....

    All supplementation should remain the same as the previous period for the remaining duration of your challenge.

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Research shows that L-Glutamine helps facilitate the release of growth hormone.
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dot arrow Motivation: dot

    You are on the home stretch and the beaming light that is radiating towards you is within striking distance. It is perfectly normal to feel tired at this point, your carbs are low and you are using years of old fat as your energy source.

    If you find you are feeling like this, most of the time it means that you are doing something right. It wasn't meant to be easy and neither should anyone expect it to be. If it were that simple to get the body you have longed for, most people would walk around with great bodies also!

Short Term & Long Term Motivational Super Feature Short Term & Long Term Motivational Super Feature.
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    When the going gets tough, the tough get going! Remember this and repeat it to yourself every time you want to hit that snooze button instead of climbing your wall of cardio. Feel the muscle that has formed under your skin. Feel how much looser and softer your fat is. It may not look like you are ripped yet, but you can now feel your toned body hiding away.

    This is it, get out there and push these last few weeks. If you count off the meals, it will turn into days. Cross off the days and they will turn to weeks. It will be over before you know it. Don't just be accountable to your friend, be accountable for yourself. You CAN do it!

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Stay Tuned: Weeks 11-12.

Check back in 2 weeks for Weeks 11-12 of this 2008 transformation video series! If you're following this program you will most likely share Brian's accomplishments.

Remember, if you packed on your unwanted fat over years of poor eating, then you're not going to take it off in just a few weeks!

"Stick with us in this 12 week transformation and
you will gradually see the new you."

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