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12 Week Transformation Video Guide: Weeks 1 & 2!

In this episode you will get a sneak peak at Brian Friedman, the guy being trained in the video by Tito Raymond and Bob Cicherillo. Learn the training and nutrition techniques here...

Weeks 1 & 2: Let's Get Started!

What better way to whip yourself into shape this year than with expert trainer Tito Raymond and host Bob Cicherillo! Follow along as Brian Friedman undertakes this 12-week program outline to see real results in just 12 weeks under an experts guidance!

Watch as they take the dreaded measurements for the start of this much anticipated transformation. You must swallow your pride and get out the measuring tape to get an accurate record of your own body composition. It's hard to know where you are going if you don't document where you have been.

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Brian Friedman Before Week One.

    Brian's Stats: Weeks 1 & 2

      Bodypart Measurement
      Bodyweight 218 Pounds
      Body Fat 27 Percent
      Chest 44 Inches
      Waist 44 Inches
      Hips 45 Inches
      Thighs 25.5 Inches
      Calf 16 Inches
      Bicep 15 Inches

One of the hardest yet most beneficial parts of starting a transformation is writing down that initial list of body part measurements, weight and bodyfat percentage. The fun part is watching these numbers change drastically over the next twelve weeks.

Your Training
Your Nutrition
Your Supplements
Your Motivation
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Weeks 1-2: Your Program

Follow the same regimen that Tito & Bob put Brian through in the video! They will give you all the pieces to the puzzle that you need to put your health and fitness back in order. Get to it!

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-> Training:
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-> Nutrition:
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    Five meals should be eaten throughout the day. These grazing intervals will help regulate the metabolism to burn fat and increase the body's potential to recover from strenuous exercise in order to tone and build muscle. Every time food it digested, the temperature of the body increases, much like a kettle element. Involuntary, the body is utilizing calories in order to conduct this procedure, much like the energy required for a flame to burn the consistent quality wood that is place in to its fire.

    Nutrition intake should include a portion of protein with every sitting. Protein sources should come in the form of lean steak, chicken, turkey, fish and egg whites.

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Include Protein With Every Meal.

    Carbohydrates should be present within the first 4 meals. Half cups of cooked brown rice, whole meal pasta, oatmeal, or potatoes are healthy options. Cutting them out at meal four will prevent any excess calories to be stored in the evening and when sleeping.

    Fats should be present in meals that do not contain carbohydrates. Flaxseed oil and almond butter are tasty choices. This will assist normal testosterone levels and will help with normal brain function. A deprivation of good fats can lead to irritability, cravings, short temper, tiredness and physical weakness.

    Vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, cauliflower, peppers and mushrooms are optional for all meals. This will help fill you up if hungry without the excess calories.

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    A minimum of 3 liters of water should be consumed throughout the day to keep the body well hydrated and to carry nutrients around the body efficiently.


    Below are many examples of proportionate meals. These meals have all been properly proportioned and contain a great ratio of macronutrients for maximum muscle growth, recovery and fat loss.

Essential chemical elements needed by all life in large quantities for it to function normally. Macronutrients are composed of six classes: Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Water, Vitamins & Minerals.

    Meal 1 (Pre Cardio)

      Option 1 - ½ Cup of oatmeal cooked in water, mixed with 35gm of protein powder
      Option 2 - ½ Cup of Grits mixed with 35gm of protein powder
      Option 3 - 6-10 Egg whites on two slices of whole meal bread
      5gm of Glutamine
      1 multivitamin
      2 glasses of water

    Steak & VeggiesMeal 2

      Option 1 - A fist sized portion of fish mixed with ½ cup of brown rice and vegetables
      Option 2 - A palm sized portion of steak with a fist sized portion of pasta
      Option 3 - A fist sized portion of chicken with a palm sized baked potato
      2 glasses of water

    Meal 3

      Option 1 - Meal replacement shake. The CNP products are a great choice and tastes great when mixed in a blender with ice cubes
      Option 2 - Two turkey sandwiches on whole meal bread.
      Option 3 - A fist sized portion of lean ground beef and a palm sized sweet potato

    Meal 4 (pre workout)

      Option 1 - A palm sized portion of steak with one palm sized baked potato and salad
      Option 2 - 6-10 Egg white omelet with veggies and half a cup of brown rice
      Option 3 - One protein bar. The Detour bar has proven to be popular amongst many of our dieters.
      5gm of glutamine
      3 glasses of water

    Meal 5 (Post workout)

      Option 1 - 35gm of Whey Protein Powder
      Option 2 - One palm sized turkey Pattie combine with 2 egg whites
      Option 3 - Chicken and veggies
      5gm of Glutamine
      3 glasses of water

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Post Workout Nutrition Is Vital.

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-> Supplementation:
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    A good multivitamin should be taken as directed. It's next to impossible to fulfill all of your nutrition needs with whole foods alone.

    5 grams of Glutamine should be taken upon wakening and retiring. This should also be taken before and after workout to assist muscle recovery efficiency and to help maintain a healthy immune system.

    Whey Protein PowderA high quality whey protein powder should be taken immediately following workout to further aid recovery and fill the "window of opportunity" of muscle growth.

    Meal replacements can act as a meal for those of you that have trouble eating 5 or more meals per day but I do not recommend consuming two of these supplements in a row.

    This is a predigested food and not as filling as a regular meal. Two many of these in succession can lead to hunger and possible craving. Try to break it up if possible so you are having a shake in between solid meals. As well as being a healthy option, they taste great.

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    A fat burner such as Hydroxycut can assist with regulating a normal metabolism, which can slow down when on a calorie restricted diet. A thermogenic such as this can increase the temperature of the body in order utilize more calories. A fat burner can be a great aid taken prior to the workout and prior to cardiovascular exercise due to its ability to provide a much needed energy spike.

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-> Motivation:
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    Take a before picture to remind yourself of what you do NOT want to look like in the New Year. This should feed you the motivation to work towards the changes required to make that "before" picture extremely vast from your "after" picture. You might not want to show anyone that before picture now, but believe me, you will want to show them when you compare it to your after picture.

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1 of 7: Your Profile Page: BodySpace is more than just a MySpace for bodybuilders. It's your best tool for staying motivated over the long term. On BodySpace, you can create a profile with your photos, your body stats, your progress, and much more.

    It may sound strange at this point in time, but you will become proud of that picture because every time you look at it, you will see and understand all too well, what you went through to change your appearance and your lifestyle to go from point A to point B.

    Write down your goals in present tense to help you experience the feeling of accomplishing those goals. Imagine how it will feel to hear positive comments off family and friend. Start looking in shops that carry the clothes that you would like to be able to wear in 12 short weeks.

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Stay Tuned: Weeks 3-4.

Check back next week for Weeks 3-4 of this 2008 transformation video series! If you’re following this program you will most likely share Brian's accomplishments. Remember, if you didn't put on your unwanted weight in just two weeks then you're not going to take it off in just 2 weeks! LOL

"Stick with us in this 12 week transformation and
you will gradually see the new you."

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