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Your 12-Week Daily Video Trainer - Overview

You've got your own Daily Personal Trainer! Follow these ten simple steps to prepare yourself for an amazing 12 week transformation!

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You've always wanted to get in the best possible shape, but you've just been waiting for someone to help you make that first step and keep you moving down the right path. Well now you've got it with your own Daily Personal Trainer on!

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Prepare For Your Transformation


Before Pictures

Before you do anything you're going to want to take "Before" pictures so that you have a visual record of your progress. These pictures should be in front of plain background, taken from the front, side and back. Women should wear a sports bra and short-shorts. Men should wear short-shorts. This is going to show your problem areas. You probably won't like these before pictures but you'll be much more appreciative at the end when you can make the comparison.

Kris Gethin - Before and After
Kris Gethin's Before And After Pictures.

Clear Out The Cupboards

Get rid of everything in your cupboards that can lead to temptation. Sugars. Fried foods. Prepared foods. Throw it all out now!

Replace it with things like:




Egg Whites



Whole Wheat Bread

Brown Rice




Olive Oil

Almond Butter


Portion Control

You'll be eating frequently over these next few weeks (5-6 times a day) but the size of your portions should be moderate. Protein and carb portions should be no larger than the palm of your hand. Fats should be about a teaspoon. These portions will give you a perfectly balanced meal for each sitting.



While there are many forms of cardio available, the goal of fat burning specifically requires a moderate pace that won't leave you out of breath.


Weight Training

Weight training is going to a major part of your success in the coming weeks. You will be weight training 3 times a week. You will be performing 3 sets of any given exercise. Repetitions will be around 12-15. You should reach failure on this rep range on each sets.

Kris Gethin - Leg Press
Weight training is going to a major part of your success in the coming weeks.

The workout program will change every week, so be sure to tune in every day!



You're going to need short-term and long-term goals. An example of short-term goal is fitting into that outfit you've always wanted. A long-term goal could be the picture of the ideal physique you're aiming for.



Supplementation will make your progress go by that much quicker. Later on in the series we'll discuss some specific supplements that will help you in your transformation goals.


Tracking Your Progress

You're going to need to be accountable for everything you do over the next 12 weeks. Get yourself a notepad and write down everything (meals, cardio, weight training, supplements, everything). Even if you cheat, write it down!


Sign Up For A BodySpace Account

BodySpace is an online social network for people who want to stay in shape, live healthier and keep motivated!

  • Progress Photos: Show your friends your progress and get comments to stay motivated.
  • BodyBlog: Talk about your daily progress and receive support from friends.
  • BodyGroups: Bring your friends together to stay motivated and accountable. Check out the 2009 Transformation Group in particular!

Taking Measurements

Be sure to weigh yourself on a weekly basis on the same scale with the same clothes. You also want to measure bodyfat with a pair of calipers.

What You Need

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