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Your 12-Week Daily Video Trainer - Day 79: Cardio

Kris Gethin is your own Daily Personal Trainer! Today we're talking about the myth of target fat loss.

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You've always wanted to get in the best possible shape, but you've just been waiting for someone to help you make that first step and keep you moving down the right path. Well now you've got it with your own Daily Personal Trainer on!

Day 79 The Target Fat Loss Myth
Watch The Video - 3:18


60 minutes of intense cardio.

The Myth Of Target Fat Loss!

Everyone has their problem areas: stubborn parts of the body where fat refuses to go away. It's tempting to believe that concentrating your workouts on those body parts will burn away the fat. Unfortunatly this is just a myth. Thousands of crunches are not going to make your abs appear through a layer of fat.

Cardio and diet are still your best tactic when it comes to attacking stubborn body fat. So as your transformation comes to end this week remember to stay true to your goals. Get your cardio in every day and avoid those cravings!

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Tomorrow we will be training Back, Biceps and Calves.

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