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Your 12-Week Daily Video Trainer - Day 23: Cardio

Kris Gethin is your own Daily Personal Trainer! Today we're talking about the importance of meal portion sizes.

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You've always wanted to get in the best possible shape, but you've just been waiting for someone to help you make that first step and keep you moving down the right path. Well now you've got it with your own Daily Personal Trainer on!

Day 23 Cardio
Watch The Video - 3:46


30 minutes of intense cardio. This is an increase of 10 minutes from last week.

Portion Sizes

Measuring the palm or your hand gives a perfect portion size for protein and carbs. Typically people will have a larger portion of carbs in a meal. This is something you don't want to be doing. Equal porions of protein and carbs is what you should be aiming for.

Healthy fats meanwhile should come in the size of a teaspoon. Altogether these three will provide the nutrients you need to recover throughout the day.

Grocery Shopping

Remember, to avoid cravings you should eat a meal before shopping. You don't want to give in to temptation.

Changes In Your Physique

At the point in your transformation you should be starting to see changes in your physique. You should be losing a little body fat and maybe seeing some shape in your muscle. Use this as a motivation to keep progressing!

Up next

Tomorrow will be a back and biceps workout. On our next non-training day we'll be discussing carbohydrate cravings and how to control them.

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