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Your 12-Week Daily Video Trainer - Day 16: Cardio

Kris Gethin is your own Daily Personal Trainer! Today we're talking about some of the excellent supplements available to help you reach your transformation goals.

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You've always wanted to get in the best possible shape, but you've just been waiting for someone to help you make that first step and keep you moving down the right path. Well now you've got it with your own Daily Personal Trainer on!

Day 16 Cardio and Supplements
Watch The Video - 7:52


20 minutes of intense cardio.



A good multivitamin should be a part of everyone's regular diet.

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Whey Protein

Whey protein is perfect when you can't get the amount of protein you need from just food. It's perfect for post-workout nutrition.

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Carbohydrate Product

Post-workout shakes should also include a decent carbohydrate product.

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Glutamine is a perfect supplement to take when your body is catabolic.

Fat Burner

A fat burner can be very beneficial in reaching your transformation goals.

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Like glutmaine, a BCAA product is great to take when your body is catabolic.

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Casein Protein

A slow digesting protein, Cassein is great before bed to provide your body protein while you sleep.

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Supplementing with creatine helps you get through a workout and even bust out a few more reps.

Meal Replacement Product

A great way to get the nutrition of a full meal without the hassle of preparation.

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