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2007 Olympia Review: First Time Going To The 'O' In Vegas!

Will Ronnie place first, and make history? Will Jay defend his title? What about the figure and fitness athletes? How was the Expo going to be this year? Here is my review after attending the Olympia weekend for the first time!


It was that time again. We've been waiting for it for a long time, and last weekend it was all going to happen; the 2007 Mr. Olympia in Vegas!

Will Ronnie place first, and make history? Will Jay defend his title? What about the figure and fitness athletes? And besides the contests, how was the Expo going to be this year?

I came down to Vegas last Thursday to witness it all and will tell you a little bit about how I experienced this year's Olympia weekend.

This Year's Olympia

Although I've been in Vegas before, I've never been at a bodybuilding contest, so this was the first one, and let that be the 2007 Mr. Olympia, the most exciting one ever! Why is that? Well, if Ronnie would've won, he would've made history by winning 9 Mr. Olympia contests (his current record is tying Lee Haney's from 1984 to 1991).

On the other hand, Jay might defend his title this year, continuing the next few years to come. Finally, there were some (relative) newcomers in the game, and other guys that looked great, and might move up placing top 10, like Dennis Wolf from Germany, who placed 16th at last year's Olympia.

-> Press Conference:

    It all started Thursday in the afternoon, when the press conference took place. Unfortunately, I couldn't be there, because we were setting up our booth at the expo, but I've seen it on video and it's always fun to watch the testosterone streaming through those guys' blood before the contest (you can watch the press conference and other video here).

Men's Conference.
Women's Press Conference - Men's Press Conference, Pt. 2 - Men's Press Conference, Pt. 1

-> First Day At The Expo:

    At 10 o'clock the doors at the Las Vegas convention center south hall opened up for the visitors. We had Jamie Eason, Bob Cicherillo, Jerome Ferguson and Charles Glass in our booth, just to name a few, so lots of people were checking them out, and getting pictures with autographs from them, along with t-shirts and supplement samples. This madness continued till 5 o'clock.

Bob Cicherillo, Jamie Eason & Charles Glass.
View More Pics From The 2007 Olympia Expo Here.

    While I have been helping the girls that we had at our booth out, I also walked around and met some other bodybuilders like my favorite, Trey Brewer, and Johnnie Jackson. Besides that, we've been talking to vendors, because doing business is also what the Expo also is meant for.

    At the back of the Expo hall, contests and other entertainment was going on. I have checked it out for a little bit, but haven't seriously followed what was going on.

    Around 3 o' clock, me and a co-worker had to set up a backstage booth (which all of you might have seen in the backstage footage) at the New Orleans Arena. I have met with Travis Chapman from the Fit Show and Greg Helberg from the Posedown series and have seen what's going backstage.

    A little after that, the pros were coming in to pump up backstage. For a bodybuilding fan like me, it was great to see all the guys in real-life, and a huge motivation as well.

    We took place in the audience and watched prejudging. I noticed that only about 60% of the seats were occupied; I though that more people would show up.

    I was a little disappointed as soon as I saw Ronnie. I think he didn't look at his greatest. I was also surprised about Jay's condition, I expected him to look a lot better than last year.

    Some of the other guys, however, surprised me in a positive way. Especially Dennis Wolf from Germany, he looked really good this year.

    So there it was, the prejudging, and being a huge fan of Ronnie, it left me with some disappointment. I was most of all confused and excited at the same time though, with some guys looking better than I'd ever think.

    After it ended, a bunch of fans, including me, gathered at the entrance running around like paparazzo's to see the pros leaving the Arena. Some pros seemed disappointed, like Quincy Taylor, others, like Silvio Samuel, seemed happy about their results on stage. I've got to mention by the way, that this guy is really cool, and takes time for his fans. Ronnie did too, he was talking to his fans while still smiling.

+ Click To Enlarge.
Silvio Samuel At The 2007 Olympia.
View More Pics Of Silvio Samuel Here.

-> Second Day At The Expo:

    The second day was really not much different from the first day at the Expo, except that there were different things going on at the stage in the Expo and different pros showing up. There might have been more but I wasn't really aware of that.

Finally, The Results

Since prejudging left me confused and excited, I couldn't wait for the results. I think some of the pros really looked better at this day. At the end, it was finally time for the results.

When they announced that Dennis Wolf placed 5th, the whole crowd booh-ed. I myself was really surprised too. Then came Ronnie on 4th place. I was really disappointed, and so were many in the crowd. His speech touched a lot of people I'm sure. He thanked everybody for the support and said that "God has a path for each and everyone of us," which he said before too. The second and third place winners I wasn't shocked about, but hated to hear that Cutler placed first again this year.

Ronnie Coleman Takes 4th Place.

-> My Opinion On The Results:

    What do I personally think of the results? Well, I most of all think that Jay didn't deserve to place first. I'm not saying Ronnie should have, but when comparing Jay for example to Dennis Wolf, it becomes obvious Dennis looks a lot better. Dennis doesn't have a big gut and his symmetry, conditioning and x-frame look way better. Victor and Dexter deserve the places they're on. Ronnie does too I guess. And although he did place fourth, he will always be my, and many other people's, favorite bodybuilder.

It Was A Controversial Year.
Who Do You Think Should Have Won The 2007 Olympia?

Jay Cutler.
Victor Martinez.
Dexter Jackson.
Ronnie Coleman.
Dennis Wolf.
Melvin Anthony.
Silvio Samuel.
Gustavo Badell.
Johnnie Jackson.


Having seen more hot girls and huge guys in one place than ever before, I had a lot of fun working at the Expo and the Orleans Arena. It's been great to see the competition in real-life, and I've learned a lot of new things, one of them being that politics play a big role in this game.

It's a great atmosphere both at the Expo as well as at the Arena and I would definitely recommend going if you're interested.

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