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The Making Of A Great Fat Burner - Syntrax Makes The Grade!

Finding the right formula for a fat burner has proved to be difficult for any company working toward this goal. However Syntrax believes they have found something truly remarkable. Learn more about what they have discovered...

Several years ago, in the days when ephedra was still legal, great fat burners were quite ubiquitous. In fact, any fat burner that contained ephedra as the core ingredient could be expected to be reasonably effective.

Ephedra Plant.

Most of these thermogenic formulas also contained caffeine which remarkably acted as a synergist to ephedra's many qualities. Beyond ephedra and caffeine, most formulas also contained other ingredients which were used both as marketing tools of differentiation and as a means to further increase the potency of the product.

Indeed, even a stripped down formula of just ephedra and caffeine could have been expected to produce consistent results. Ephedra was a remarkable dietary supplement that had little, if any, competition in terms of overall effectiveness.

Ephedra was such a star ingredient because of its ephedrine-based components which included ephedrine, norephedrine, pseudoephedrine and methylephedrine. Ephedrine was the vastly predominant alkaloid in ephedra and was the reason for its grand efficacy.

An alkaloid is a naturally-occurring compound produced by a plant. The name derives from the word alkaline; the term is used to describe any nitrogen-containing base. Alkaloids are usually derivatives of amino acids.

Ephedrine is considered both a direct and indirect adrenergic agonist. As a direct adrenergic agonist, it binds directly to various adrenergic receptors which are involved in increased metabolism and fat loss. As an indirect agonist, it stimulates the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine which, in turn, stimulate the various adrenergic receptors which cause thermogenesis (increased production of heat) and lipolysis (breakdown of adipose tissue).

Very few compounds act as both direct and indirect adrenergic agonists and it is for this reason that ephedrine has been so potently effective in a vast majority of the people who have used it.

Ingredient Variations Emerge
Many companies tried to duplicate the success of Ephedra based products by combining numerous compounds.

During the time when ephedra was becoming popular as a weight loss agent, a variation on the ephedra, caffeine stack emerged. Instead of using ephedra, 1R,2S norephedrine was used. This dietary supplement is assuredly similar to ephedra (ephedrine) but is superior in many ways.

1R,2S norephedrine binds with different potencies to the various adrenergic receptors, and thus produces a similar but experientially different effect than ephedra. Most people who have used 1R,2S norephedrine admit the superiority of this compound over ephedra.

Ephedra produces a harsh, "dirty" stimulation that results in a "crash" after a few hours of consuming it. 1R,2S norephedrine, on the other hand, is generally considered to produce a much cleaner response with a smooth stimulation and no "crash" experience. It also has a superior effect on appetite reduction and lipolysis.

Have You Experienced The "Crash" After Taking A Fat Loss Supplement?

Not Sure.

Beyond 1R,2S norephedrine and caffeine, the best formulas on the market also contained yohimbine. Yohimbine is a naturally occurring alkaloid that is a very specific a2 adrenergic ANTAGONIST. The a2 receptors actually inhibit lipolysis when stimulated.

Ephedrine-type alkaloids stimulate the a2 receptor which consequently reduces the effectiveness of these potent compounds. By inhibiting the action of this receptor, the fat burning potential of ephedrine-type alkaloids becomes greatly increased.

The top fat burning products over the last decade were known as NYC stacks. NYC stands for 1R,2S Norephedrine, Yohimbine, and Caffeine. Nearly every person who used an NYC formula described the results as almost magical.

Indeed, the NYC stack was truly remarkable. The highest quality and most well known of the NYC stacks was a product called Adipokinetix. At the time, Adipokinetix had a cult-like following.

Years later, Adipokinetix is still considered the very best fat burner that ever existed and is a legend in its own right.

Since the demise of ephedra (and therefore the similar but superior 1R,2S norephedrine), no fat burner has ever been manufactured that has produced even close to the results of past formulas containing these remarkable compounds. Over the last several years, company after company has released fat burner after fat burner in an attempt to mimic the mighty results that were obtained with 1R,2S norephedrine.

Finding The Winning Combination
The keys to our success for finally finding the perfect combination of ingredients for an amazing fat burner.

It is of no surprise when I say that every company has miserably failed. The current crop of fat burners do not produce a pleasant stimulating sensation, do not effectively reduce appetite, do not effectively raise body temperature, and do not produce a high degree of lipolysis. In a nutshell, fat burners of today are a total failure.

I am sure I am not speaking anything new to anyone who has tried one or more of these current fat burners on the market.

-> Research & Development:

    Well over one year ago, the R&D team at SI03 was given the project of developing a fat burner that would exceed the best fat burner that ever existed in the dietary supplement market... Adipokinetix!

    From reading the above, you can see how this was a daunting, if not impossible task. It would have been bad enough if the project was to develop a fat burner as good as an ephedra/caffeine fat burner of old. However, management didn't want the ordinary. They wanted the best... actually better than the best.

-> Trial & Error:

    Month after month went by without success. Synephrine, tyramine, evodiamine, hordenine, etc, etc were experimented with but without success. A small fat burning potential was realized with one or more of these compounds but nothing that could even hold a candle to Adipokinetix.

    I have to report that success came by way of a little ingenuity and a lot of serendipity. When failure seemed imminent and success light-years away, an incredible discovery was made that rocketed the potency of our formula even past the Adipokinetix of old.

-> The Discovery Of Precise Ratios:

    Looking at the formula will not reveal some new, high tech. ingredient with magical qualities. Instead, the R&D department discovered a true synergism among several different ingredients. Unexpectedly, the synergism and ultimate potency was completely dependent on these ingredients being used in very precise ratios and dosages.

The Quest For A Suitable Name

fyre A suitable name needed to be found for a new fat burning formula that exceeded the best weight loss product of the decade. After much review, we realized that the new name would adequately represent the full nature of our new formula.

    To put it bluntly, this new weight loss
    product sets your metabolism on fire.

Unique Characteristics Of Our Product
Our product contains a blend of proprietary ingredients that produce unique characteristcs and set it apart form the rest.

What can be expected in the real world from taking this new weight loss product? I am not talking about hype and verbage here; I am talking about results that people see and feel. If, indeed, this new fat burning formula is better than Adipokinetix then there should be a definite and pleasant stimulating effect, there should be a strong appetite suppressing effect, and there should be a strong thermogenic and lipolytic effect.

-> Fast Acting Ingredients:

    Most current weight loss supplements will be lucky to do one of these three well. However, this new formula has succeeded on all fronts. Within thirty minutes of consuming this great fat loss product, a person will notice a definite stimulating effect.

-> Pleasant Stimulating Experience:

    This is not the harsh, "dirty" stimulation of ephedra though. It is not even the more-refined stimulation of 1R,2S norephedrine. Instead, it is a completely superior and extremely clean and pleasant stimulating experience. It is so pleasant that some have ventured to say that it might be addicting or at least habituating.

-> Noticeable Increases In Energy:

    The new fat loss product produces noticeable increases in energy to both the brain and the body. A person feels awake and alive and stimulated and feels like he/she can conquer the world (maybe a little over the top here but truly the person has both the mental and bodily energy to accomplish a great deal of work all day long).

-> Body Warming Effect:

    The second thing our new fat loss product accomplishes better than Adipokinetix is its thermogenic and lipolytic effect. Within 30-60 minutes of taking it, a person notices a highly significant whole body warming effect.

The warming effect is directly related to the increased
metabolic rate that the fat loss product produces.

    Several test subjects that took the maximum dosage even commented that the warming effect was so intense that it was almost to the point of being uncomfortable (thankfully, the dosaging is flexible so that half the maximum dosage easily can be taken). We estimate that the thermogenic effect is about twice as strong as Adipokinetix.

-> Effective Appetite Suppressant:

    Finally, no fat burner will be ultimately effective if it does not seriously curb the appetite for food. The great aspect about this new fat loss product is that it drastically increases thermogenesis and lipolyis AND concomitantly decreases the appetite.

    junk food

    Again, within 30 minutes, a person consuming the new formula notices a definite decrease in hunger pangs and appetite. Some test subjects reported that they didn't notice the reduced appetite until they started eating.

    Once they began their meal though, they were only able to eat about half as much as usual.

Secret Ingredients

Ingredients? Well, I could go on and on about the science of the ingredients but I don't want to bore you with these details. The formula is proprietary anyway so the discussion would be somewhat limited.

Regardless, let me say that every aspect of losing adipose tissue has been addressed with the potent combination of ingredients in this new fat burner. Plus, you don't have to guess whether it is working-you can feel the many powerful effects on your body.


Real world trials have demonstrated that individuals on our latest fat loss product should lose between 1 to 2 pounds per week.

A significant aspect of this new fat loss formula is that it is ALL-NATURAL. We knew we hit pay dirt when we realized that this formula worked better than Adipokinetix; however, when we found out that every ingredient was natural then we knew that we had discovered a once-in-a-lifetime formula.

Unlike other fat burners on the market that have potentially harmful synthetic ingredients, FYREâ„¢ (our new forumala and fat loss product) uses natural, herbal ingredients with proven safety records.

If you're tired of the endless myriad of current mediocre fat burners, then take a look at at this new product. It is surely in a different league than any other fat burner in the industry.