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2006 NPC Teen, Collegiate And Master Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Championship Results!

The 2006 NPC Teen, Collegiate And Master Bodybuilding, Fitness And Figure Championships was held July 22 in Pittsburgh, PA. What a great show it was! Get the latest commentary and results right here!

A show that has been around but is gaining tracking is the Gary Udit's Teen, Collegiate and Masters Nationals. One of the reasons may be because of the awarding of pro status for the overall winners of the figure over 35 and bodybuilding over 35.

This year the cards went to Stephanie Togrul in figure and Kim Buck in bodybuilding.

About the only problem the show had was the length of the shows - both in pre-judging and finals, since it has grown so much. Also, on the collegiate side of things, there were enough athletes although the overall collegiate figure champion, Ali Huston, was definitely deserving.

Huston could easily compete on an open stage at the National level, so keep an eye out for the young Nebraskan.

Back to the topic of pro cards, figure has exploded since it was introduced for various reasons. Many would point out that it's because it offers an 'easier' alternative to fitness as it does without the routine round. Others might say it's because the look is more marketable and less extreme than in bodybuilding. While both may be true, another reason is that there are so many opportunities to turn pro.

Each year nearly 30 women can turn pro in figure, while in bodybuilding it's just eight per year (in the US - just ONE in Canada!). Additionally those numerous new pros are often eager to compete as newly minted pros and they fill out the competition rosters for the pro competitions.

The same is not the case in women's bodybuilding but where they have added pro cards, the results have been that more women are competing and the caliber of competition has improved.

Based on that, it might be something for the NPC to consider offering more pro cards (on a merit basis of course). At the USA's for example, if there is an athlete whose good enough, perhaps they can award a second pro card to that person in addition to the one overall winner.

It certainly can't hurt women's bodybuilding and could help spark more athletes to compete both as pros and amateurs. With the impressive lineup and champions at the Masters nationals in mind, perhaps the NPC can take a look at this option, and perhaps take it under consideration in Las Vegas.


Women's Bodybuilding

Overall: Kim Buck*


    1) Kristen Mundo
    2) Donna Karr
    3) Angela Sales
    4) Patricia Riley
    5) Kim Marie Pauline
    6) Amy Kubala


    1) Lisa Aranda
    2) Brenda Smith
    3) Ellen Woodley
    4) Ann Caliri
    5) Joani Ventreli
    6) Annette Costa
    7) Ruth Hiatt

Light Heavyweights:

    1) Debbie Bramwell
    2) Michelle Brent
    3) Anita Nikolich
    4) Cindy Johnson
    5) Holly Nicholson
    6) Kelly Patrick
    7) Lori Baggerly
    8) Kathy Connors-Kolosky
    9) Lisa Mori
    10) Barbara Barnowich
    11) Alison Cosentino
    12) Jeanne Trepke
    13) Denise Hochul
    14) Shoshana Treichel
    15) Lynn Davis


    1) Kim Buck*
    2) Emily Holder
    3) Pam Franklin
    4) Marcia Ferguson
    5) Lena Squanciafico-Sanchez
    6) Gerri Deach
    7) Trudy Ireland
    8) Jayne Trcka
    9) Cheryl Cole
    10) Deniz Odar
    11) Yvonne Edmonds
    12) Amber DeLuca
    13) Lauren Laplante Rettman

Over 50

Overall: Marcia Ferguson


    1) Angela Sales
    2) Suki Patterson
    3) Diane Mumford
    4) Marilyn King


    1) Marcia Ferguson
    2) Mary Ann Trovato
    3) Jeanne Trepke
    4) Kathy Cook
    5) Denise Hochul
    6) Barbara Cetovick
    7) Deborah Callahan

Over 60 Champion: Mary Ann Trovato


10-12 years:

    1) LeeAnn Thompson
    2) Alexandra Larvie
    3) Alex Stein
    4) Daryl Stein


    1) Victoria Larvie
    2) Victoria Biddinger


    1) Whitney Franklin
    2) Kaela Becker


    1) Cassandra Yoho

* eligible for IFBB pro card


Overall: Stephanie Togrul*

Class A (5'2" and under):

    1) Tivisay Bricero
    2) Audrey Burk
    3) Michelle Dennis
    4) Toni Hatcher
    5) Kristen Mundo
    6) Sheila Bratten
    7) Freddi Brant
    8) Colleen Castaneda
    9) Joni Hockett
    10) Mary Acoury
    11) Marita Burger
    12) Rosemary Graham
    13) Karen LaVearn
    14) Mary Ellen Mulley
    15) Lisa Browning
    16) Teresa Lake
    17 tie) Margaret Negrete
    17 tie) Melody Chao
    17 tie) Erica Sammy
    17 tie) Julia Castellese-Kelsey

Class B:

    1) Stephanie Togrul
    2) Michele Naylon
    3) Brenda Smith
    4) Denise Jensen
    5) Nina Cash
    6) Anna Laratta
    7) Lucy Thrasher
    8) Lisa Dutko
    9) Cherie Duhe
    10) Janet Routzong
    11) Kerri Lindsey
    12) Kaye Jordan
    13) Ann Pratt
    14) Laurie Burdette
    15) Karla Coe-Specker
    16) Maxine Johnson
    17) Susan Zaleski
    18 tie) Leslie Kilgore
    18 tie) Andrea Leonard
    18 tie) Deborah Singletary
    18 tie) Jenny Tremblay

Class C:

    1) Tracy Guarino
    2) Natalie Calland
    3) Stacy Boles-Jordanoff
    4) Jan Horn
    5) Jill Lindsey
    6) Kathleen McLain Zamora
    7) Christine Koperna
    8) Lisa Sonterre-Hausfeld
    9) Pamela York
    10) Amanda Lockhart
    11) Deborah Judy
    12) Kristen Schepperle
    13) Suzy Groves
    14) Jennifer Myers
    15) Amanda Marinelli
    16) Dawnice Beckley
    17) Barbara Rabon
    18) Sheri Bloomfield
    19) Deanna Richardson

Class D:

    1) Catherine Zidell
    2) Michelle Troll
    3) Susan Williams
    4) Shelly Fields
    5) Kim Glover
    6) Maryann Fox
    7) Leslie Fisher
    8) Sadlinie DuJour
    9) Normajean Harness

Over 45:

    1) Catherine Zidell
    2) Debbie Cox
    3) Mary Ellen Mulley
    4) Kaye Jordan
    5) Margaret Negrete
    6) Barbara Rabon
    7) Leslie Fisher
    8) Leslie Kilgore
    9) Dr. Maureen O'Connell
    10) Kathy Cook

Over 60:

    1) Mary Ann Trovato

Collegiate Figure

Overall: Ali Huston

C Class:

    1) Constance Kacheris

D Class:

    1) Ali Huston
    2) Natalie Blommel
    3) Hillary Epler

* eligible for IFBB pro card

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