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Chicago Health, Fitness & Nutrition Expo!

Get ready for the Chicago Health, Fitness & Nutrition Expo. This great event will be taking place at McCormick Place this coming weekend on November 12-13th. Many famous faces will be there!

Celebrities, Personalities, Competitions & Participation
Chicago Health, Fitness & Nutrition Expo

Saturday, November 12 ( 9-6) and Sunday, November 13 (10-5)
McCormick Place

What Is There To Do At The HFN Expo?

Well, here's a dirty dozen just for starters:

  1. At the booth hang out with actor and Bodybuilding Champion Bob Cicherillo.

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    Bob Cicherillo.

  2. At the Ice Gear booth trade workout ideas with Bodybuilding Champion Craig Titus (profile) and talk to Fitness Star Kelly Ryan about what "really" goes on in the fitness competitions.

  3. Be part of Nine-FM personality Lyn Taylor's live broadcast from the Expo (10-2) on Saturday. Get the lowdown on the life of Chicago's rising media star.

  4. Take your picture (if you dare) with two bodybuilding legends: 5-time Masters Olympia Champion Vince Taylor and 3-time Mr. Olympia Champion Sergio Oliva.

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    Sergio & Vince.

    Vince will talk about workout routines and nutrition and Sergio will answer questions about his legendary Olympia titles. They'll be hanging all day at the AO Force Booth.

  5. Take advantage of a rare public appearance by Mixed Martial Artist and Ultimate Fighting Champions Andrei Arlovski, Shonie Carter, Brian Gassoway, Terry Martin, Jeff Curran & Gideon Ray. These gladiators will answer questions and pose for photos. Bring your camera.

  6. See for yourself what all Chicago is talking about: The winner takes all Chicago Hip-Hop Dance Contest presented by Culture Shock Chicago. If you've got the moves, enter your group by Saturday at noon and show your stuff.

    The contest has been heavily promoted. It's free to enter and there's cash prize for the winner but be warned, the competition will be outstanding. (Dancers: additional information is available at the Winner Takes All Hot Line: 312-409-5347.)

  7. Talk music with K2 himself, WGCI's Kenard Karter on Sunday and be part of the scene as he MC's the Hip-Hop dance finals live on stage.

  8. Bring your skateboard and show what you've got on our Skateboard Obstacle Challenge. Take advantage of this rare chance for Chicago skaters to work a professional skateboard track. With admission, entry to the track is FREE.

  9. Enter the FAME male & female Model Search. Win a modeling contract!

  10. Become the Martial Arts Champion you know you are. Enter the mat, ring or (if you've got the game) cage competitions.

  11. Enter (or, better yet, watch) the Best Body Bikini Contest. The sexiest bodies in Chicago will be there. You should be, too!

  12. And to top it all off, check out the girls of Coyote Ugly Chicago as they perform on stage. After their show visit them at their booth for autographs and photo ops!