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2005 Chicago Health, Fitness & Nutrition Expo Review.

Wayne Demilia's first step back into the fitness business since being booted by the powers to be involved with the IFBB, was held this last weekend. Read on to learn more about how it went.

Wayne Demilia's first step back into the fitness business since being booted by the powers to be involved with the IFBB, who ever that is, was held this last weekend the 12th and 13th of November at the McCormick Place expo center in Chicago.

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The Beautiful City Of Chicago. was there to help out the Chicago Health, Fitness and Nutrition Expo to see what type of show Wayne put together. As always we brought along Capt. Bob Cicherillo even though it was kind of a sticky situation for him, what with Bob being the athlete rep and it being Wayne's show.

John Romano from Muscular Development, who was on hand, with his son and camera, made sure to get some shots of Wayne and Bob together that I bet you can look for in MD. I'm sure the pics should make for an interesting conversation between the athlete rep and Mr. M. Also Gina Lara, a Chicago fitness model, helped us hand out free t-shirts, towels, water bottles and shakers to promote and encourage people to check out the web site.

All in all the crowd wasn't too bad on Saturday, probably about 3,000-4,000 expo goers thanks to all the activities Wayne had going on. Quite a crowd turned out for the martial arts tournament put on by Combat Chicago.

FAME held a fitness model contest that definitely drew a crowd for an hour and a half or so with rounds of fine beauties competing for an overall win in active wear, swimsuit, and evening gown. It was great!

The UFC put on fights in the ring, Natural Bodybuilding magazine sponsored a bikini contest and there was even a skate boarding park set up by Rollin Chicago.

Nice to see something a little different and the kids were fun. Also at the show was fitness model Frank Sepe promoting his magazine AXL, IFBB pro fitness competitor Cynthia Bridges was in the Egg Whites International booth and Craig Titus was also present with the ICE Gear clothing company.

The VPX boys stuck around for the whole show along with MHP, Champion and MET-Rx even though the crowd got a little thin late Saturday and Sunday.

As usual kicked up the excitement level when we were joined by our friend's fullback Bryan Johnson and offensive guard Terrance Metcalf of the Chicago Bears on Saturday afternoon.

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Chicago Bears offensive guard Terrance Metcalf, Gina Lara, Bob Cicherillo, Bridget Campbell & Bryan Johnson (The fullback for the Chicago Bears).

The players took time out of their game preparations to help promote by signing autographs for everyone there.

The guys were great and the kids loved it. Bryan and Terrance both helped the Bears whip the 49ers on a windy Sunday in Chicago the next day.

Chicago was great, the facility was first class and the mix of things going on made for a fun show. It makes you wonder what might be possible in a city as big as Chicago if the bodybuilding and fitness people could work together towards one really successful show in Chicago instead of a couple of shows that only do so-so.

Hopefully we'll be back in Chicago for Wayne's show next year with an even bigger crowd and if you're in the Chicago area you'll come out and see us.