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Countdown To Olympia 2004: The 10 Best Reasons To Be At The '04 Olympia.

This year, the Olympia hits the big time. In addition to all the classic muscle the show always delivers, these are some of the special features of the 2004 Olympia.

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Includes best seating for the Fitness/Figure/Ms. Olympia Finals and Mr. Olympia Judging and Finals, early entry to Meet the Olympians, tickets to the Expo on Friday and Saturday, and tickets to the Olympia Victory Gala and the Olympia Champions Seminar. To order VIP tickets call (866) 725-7606

The Big 10 At The Big "O"

The 40th Mr. Olympia contest will be held on October 30, 2004, at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. It's crunch time, baby - are you in? If you already have your tickets, great., we'll see you at Mandalay Bay. If you haven't he's what you're going to be missing.

This year, the Olympia hits the big time. In addition to all the classic muscle the show always delivers, these are some of the special features of the 2004 Olympia.

[ 1. ] The Competitors.

    Ronnie Coleman will be onstage at 295-even bigger than last year. As of Friday October 1., Jay Cutler weighs 284, and he's shredded.

    Ronnie, Jay, Gunter & Dexter at the 2003 Olympia.

    This could be the biggest top two in Olympia history. And don't forget 300 pounds of Gunter and a sliced-to-the-Blade Dexter Jackson. You don't want to miss it.

    Check out these intense video clips of Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler training for the O:

    View Ronnie Coleman.
    View Jay Cutler.

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[ 2. ] The Press Conference.

    In the past, the press conference has been a fan-for-all. Now, it will be a pre-show extravaganza, one of the highlights of the weekend. This year's hosts (we'll tell who they are next week) will keep the proceeds lively and entertaining, and he's not afraid to put the tough questions to the competitor.

[ 3. ] The Mr. O Contest.

    This is the 40th Mr. Olympia, and the first to include numerous changes in the format. You'll still see the best of the best, but this year, the show will be easier and more fun to follow. It will include the following changes.

[ 4. ] Judging Rounds.

    This year during the afternoon judging rounds, all the competitors will come on stage individually and perform their mandatory poses before any comparisons are called.

    This will give the judges ample opportunity to fairly evaluate each competitor before calling comparisons. This way, the guys who are in the best shape will get noticed from the start of the placings.

[ 5. ] The Challenge Round.

    The biggest change in the entire weekend is the advent of the Challenge Round. Each competitor in the top six will get to call a specific pose against each of the other competitors in the top six. Judges will award two points to the winner of each, allowing for more fluid movement at the end of the show.

    Previously, the pose down round was essentially a confirmation of what had already transpired. The new Challenge Round, will force the top guys to fight for their placings till the end of the show.

    Learn more about the new challenge round...

[ 6. ] The Scoreboard.

    Previously, the audience has been in the dark about the placings as the show unfolds. Now, a scoreboard on stage will tell you how each competitor is doing at all times, just like during a football or basketball game.

[ 7. ] Celebrities.

    You'll not only see Sylvester Stallone and Triple H, but be on the look for the Governator himself. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the sport's biggest star, will be in attendance at the Mr. Olympia show.

    Sylvester Stallone at the 2004 Arnold Classic.

    With AMI's partnership with the IFBB, other bodybuilding greats and mainstream celebrities will also be in attendance at this Olympia, the most celebrated in history.

[ 8. ] Muscle Beach.

    Bodybuilding's biggest names will be performing at Muscle Beach. They'll demonstrate exercise technique, give diet advice and answer all your questions, all at the swanky Mandalay Bay pool area.

[ 9. ] The Olympia Expo.

    Each year, the expo is bigger and better than the year before. And 2004 is no exception. Look for all sorts of specialty acts, performances and contests to take place inside the expo hall. Supplement companies will be handing out samples of their products.

    Learn more about this year's Olympia weekend.

[ 10. ] Victory Gala.

    After the show, all fans are encouraged to purchase tickets to the Victory Gala. You can meet the athletes, and congratulate your favorites on their performances. Plus, you'll get to see them eat their first meal after months of dieting - and that's far more entertaining than feeding time at the zoo.

2004 Mr. Olympia Line-Up
(Plus potential for three other athletes to qualify at the Show of Strength on October 9)

  • Ronnie Coleman - USA
  • Jay Cutler - USA
  • Dexter Jackson - USA
  • Dennis James - USA
  • Gunter Schlierkamp - Germany
  • Troy Alves - USA
  • Mustafa Mohammad - Jordan
  • Gustavo Badell - Puerto Rico
  • Chris Cormier - USA
  • Markus Ruhl - Germany
  • Kris Dim - USA
  • Darrem Charles - Trinidad
  • Ahmad Haidar - Lebanon
  • Craig Richardson - USA
  • Richard Jones - USA
  • Pavel Jablonicky - Czech Republic
  • Johnnie Jackson - USA
  • Claude Groulx - Canada

Withdrawn From The Contest:

  • Kevin Levrone - USA
  • Ernie Taylor - England
  • Lee Priest - Australia
  • Melvin Anthony - USA
  • Jaroslav Horvath - Slovakia

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Who Do You Think Will Win The 2004 Mr. Olympia?
Ronnie Coleman
Jay Cutler
Dexter Jackson
Lee Priest
Chris Cormier
Gunter Schlierkamp
Gustavo Badell
Bob Cicherillo
Kevin Levrone