Staggered-stance band shoulder press

The staggered-stance band shoulder press is a deltoid exercise and a variation of the band shoulder press. The dynamic tension of the band forces the core to stabilize the body, and the staggered-stance provides more stability and relieves tension on the back. It can be performed in low reps, such as 5-8 reps per set, to build shoulder strength, or for higher reps to build muscle and for conditioning. It can work as the main focus of a shoulder day but is also popular as an accessory movement to the bench press or barbell military press.


  1. Dynamic tension of the band matches the strength curve of the shoulder press
  2. A more natural and shoulder-friendly movement than the barbell press
  3. Stance provides greater stability and relieves tension on the lower back
  4. Requires the core to stabilize to maintain proper form and posture
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