Seated cable deadlift

The seated cable deadlift is a version of the deadlift or hip hinge movement that is performed on a seated cable row machine. Similar to a stiff-legged deadlift or 45-degree back extension, it targets the muscles of the lower back, as well as the glutes and upper back to a lesser degree. It is usually utilized in higher rep ranges, at least 8-12 reps per set, on a back-focused muscle-building day, or as a deadlift accessory lift to strengthen the lower back.


  1. Cables provide constant tension throughout the movement
  2. Uses equipment common in commercial gyms
  3. Easy to quickly switch weights for dropsets or utilize lifting straps to lift heavier
  4. Allows lifters lacking balance or grip strength to receive some of the benefits of the deadlift
  5. May be safer for high-rep burnout work than barbell deadlifts
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