Decline bar press sit-up

The decline bar press sit-up is a weighted core exercise targeting the abdominal muscles, particularly the lower abs. It also challenges the shoulders and upper back to move the weight. Weighted sit-up variations are usually performed for moderate to high reps, such as 8-12 reps per set or more, as part of the core-focused portion of a workout.


  1. Allows you to train in lower rep ranges when bodyweight decline sit-ups become too easy
  2. Weighted ab training can help the core muscles grow and look more defined
  3. Also challenges the shoulders, serratus anterior, upper back, and hip flexors

Decline bar press sit-up Images


Decline bar press sit-up Instructions

Decline bar press sit-up muscle diagram
  1. To begin, lie down on a bench with a barbell resting on your chest. Position your legs so they are secure on the extension of the abdominal bench. This is the starting position.
  2. While inhaling, tighten your abdominals and glutes. Simultaneously curl your torso as you do when performing a sit-up and press the barbell to an overhead position while exhaling. Tip: Use your arms to push the barbell out as you perform this exercise while still focusing on the abdominal muscles.
  3. Lower your upper body back down to the starting position while bringing the barbell back down to your torso. Remember to breathe in while lowering the body.
  4. Repeat for the recommended amount of repetitions.

Caution: It is best to have a spotter while performing this exercise so that it is easier to get the barbell and also get rid of it. Also, always start with an empty bar and do not use jerking motions at any time.

Variations: You can also use a decline bench when you are more advanced.