Dumbbell suitcase carry

The dumbbell suitcase carry is similar to a dumbbell farmer's carry, but only uses one dumbbell rather than two. This simple change provides a significant challenge to the abdominal muscles. It can be a challenging finisher to any workout, or work well in fat-loss circuit training or as an accessory movement to heavy lifts like the deadlift.


  1. Strengthens and challenges the grip, core, traps, upper back, shoulders, and legs
  2. Serious cardiovascular challenge and calorie burn
  3. Significant core and oblique challenge due to the single-sided loading
  4. Builds muscular coordination and mental toughness in addition to strength and muscle

Dumbbell suitcase carry Images


Dumbbell suitcase carry Instructions

Dumbbell suitcase carry muscle diagram
  1. Place a dumbbell on the floor in front of you, making sure you have enough open space to walk. If you can’t reach the floor safely without rounding and twisting your back, elevate the weight off the floor. (When doing this as a competition, start side by side with your partner and make sure there’s enough room for both of you.)
  2. Squat down keeping your back flat—don’t bend over—and grasp the weight with a neutral grip. Keep your body square as much as possible. Stand back up by extending at the hips and knees; this will be your starting position.
  3. Keeping the weight at your side and maintaining a body position that doesn’t favor one side, walk forward as far as you can; if necessary turn around and return the other way. Try to beat your partner for both distance and time.
  4. Descend into a squat to lower the weight back to the floor.