Single-arm barbell lateral raise

The single-arm barbell lateral raise is an isolation exercise targeting the shoulders. It is more challenging than using a dumbbell and has an instability component that may make the deltoid muscles work harder. It is generally performed one side at a time for moderate to high reps, such as 8-15 reps per set, as part of a shoulder-focused workout.


  1. Adds size to the deltoids, targeting the middle delt in particular
  2. The barbell adds a challenge of stability and coordination
  3. Also works the upper back and traps
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Single-arm barbell lateral raise Images


Single-arm barbell lateral raise Instructions

Single-arm barbell lateral raise muscle diagram

3 single dropsets of 10 reps per arm. Use band for extra intensity if possible. For each set, start with banded barbell side raises for 10 reps, then remove the band and complete another 10 reps each arm. Rest 60 sec.