Medicine ball scoop throw

The medicine ball scoop throw is an explosive exercise targeting the abdominals and hips. It can be performed for lower reps with a focus on power or for higher reps with a focus on fat loss and conditioning. It begins in a semi-squat position holding a medicine ball, which then gets "scooped" up and thrown overhead in one continuous movement.


  1. Build explosive power in lower and upper body simultaneously
  2. Great carryover to rugby and many other sports
  3. Effective even with a relatively light medicine ball

Medicine ball scoop throw Images


Medicine ball scoop throw Instructions

Medicine ball scoop throw muscle diagram
  1. Assume a semisquat stance with a medicine ball in your hands. Your arms should hang so the ball is near your feet.
  2. Begin by thrusting the hips forward as you extend through the legs, jumping up.
  3. As you do, swing your arms up and over your head, keeping them extended, releasing the ball at the peak of your movement. The goal is to throw the ball the greatest distance behind you.