Landmine Press and Catch

The single-arm linear jammer is an explosive pressing movement performed using an angled barbell anchored at floor level in a landmine device. It can also be performed by sticking a barbell in the corner of a room, preferably in a towel to protect the walls. The linear jammer involves pressing the weight into the air, then catching it with the other hand. The movement focuses primarily on the muscles of the shoulders or deltoids. It can be trained in traditional muscle and strength-focused rep ranges, for lower reps with a focus on explosive pressing power, or for higher reps.


  1. May be more shoulder-friendly than explosive bench or overhead presses
  2. Intense stabilization challenge to the core
  3. Trains eccentric strength in the shoulder muscles
  4. Single-arm training focuses on each side individually, addressing potential imbalances
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Landmine Press and Catch Instructions

Landmine Press and Catch muscle diagram