Incline cable chest press

The incline cable chest press is a pressing movement that uses a cable stack and an incline bench to target the upper portion of the pectoral muscles, similar to an incline dumbbell press. It is common in upper-body and chest-focused muscle-building workouts, where it can be effective as a primary movement in classic hypertrophy rep ranges, as a pre-exhaust, or as a high-rep finisher. It is often used in combination with other presses or flyes to target the chest from different angles.


  1. Unlike dumbbells, cables provide constant tension, including at peak contraction
  2. Can quickly switch weights for dropsets
  3. The line of resistance from the cables targets the muscles of the upper pectorals
  4. Stretches the chest muscles under load which can lead to greater muscle gain

Incline cable chest press Images


Incline cable chest press Instructions

Incline cable chest press muscle diagram
  1. Adjust the weight to an appropriate amount and be seated, grasping the handles. Your upper arms should be about 45 degrees to the body, with your head and chest up. The elbows should be bent to about 90 degrees. This will be your starting position.
  2. Begin by extending through the elbow, pressing the handles together straight in front of you. Keep your shoulder blades retracted as you execute the movement.
  3. After pausing at full extension, return to the starting position, keeping tension on the cables.