Dumbbell farmer's walk

The dumbbell farmer's walk is an exercise with roots in competitive strongman training, but which is also popular in CrossFit and functional training. It can be a challenging finisher to any workout, or work well in fat-loss circuit training or as an accessory movement to heavy lifts like the deadlift.


  1. Strengthens and challenges the grip, core, traps, upper back, shoulders, and legs
  2. Serious cardiovascular challenge and calorie burn
  3. Less complex to learn and perform properly than many other popular strength movements
  4. Builds muscular coordination and mental toughness in addition to strength and muscle
  5. If grip strength is a limiting factor, lifting straps can still enable you to use heavy weights

Dumbbell farmer's walk Images

Dumbbell farmer's walk image
Dumbbell farmer's walk image


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