Double Kettlebell Push Press

The double-kettlebell push-press is a popular kettlebell movement that involves performing a press with help from the muscles of the lower body. It is preceded by a double clean at the start of each set, and optionally you can perform a clean between each rep. It can be trained in traditional strength or muscle-building rep ranges, in circuit or fat-loss training, or as part of a larger kettlebell combination or complex.


  1. Allows you to press more weight than a strict military press
  2. Full-body training that challenges the lower body as well as the shoulders, arms, back, and core
  3. Cleaning the kettlebells to the rack position trains the hips, core, and back muscles

Double Kettlebell Push Press Images


Double Kettlebell Push Press Instructions

Double Kettlebell Push Press muscle diagram
  1. Clean two kettlebells to your shoulders.
  2. Squat down a few inches and reverse the motion rapidly. Use the momentum from the legs to drive thekettlebells overhead.
  3. Once the kettlebells are locked out, lower the kettlebells to your shoulders and repeat.