Cross-body mountain climber

The cross-body mountain climber is a popular bodyweight exercise targeting the muscles of the core, as well as the shoulders, hips, and cardiovascular system. It is different from a traditional mountain climber because you bring the knee to the opposite side of the body rather than simply to the chest. It can be performed for time or reps as part of a dynamic warm-up, for bodyweight cardio or conditioning, or as no-equipment dynamic core training.


  1. Greater oblique emphasis than traditional mountain climbers
  2. Serious cardiovascular challenge and calorie burn
  3. Teaches core to brace while lower body moves
  4. Great movement for high-intensity interval training (HIIT)
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Cross-body mountain climber Images


Cross-body mountain climber Instructions

Cross-body mountain climber muscle diagram

To failure, touching knee to opposite site elbow with each rep