Carioca quick step

The carioca quick step is a lateral bodyweight exercise targeting the adductors but also promoting agility and overall conditioning. It’s a favorite of football players, particularly defensive backs, because it mimics the way they have to track wide receivers downfield. It can also help mobilize the hips for athletes and lifters of all ability levels.


  1. Sport-specific training for football and other sports heavy on lateral movement
  2. Trains hips beyond normal planes of motion
  3. Burns calories and raises core body temperature
  4. Pairs well with other dynamic warm-ups in a circuit

Carioca quick step Images


Carioca quick step Instructions

Carioca quick step muscle diagram

The carioca quick step simulates coming out of the lateral power motion.

  1. Begin with your feet a few inches apart and your left arm up in a relaxed, athletic position.
  2. With your right foot, quick step behind and pull the knee up.
  3. Fire your arms back up when you pull the right knee, being sure that your knee goes straight up and down. Avoid turning your feet as you move and continue to look forward as you move to the side.