BFR overhand straight-bar push-down

The blood flow restriction (BFR) overhand straight-bar push-down is an arm movement that builds triceps size and strength using a cable stack, straight-bar grip, and blood flow restriction bands. It is popular in high-rep "pump"-style arm workouts. The bands should be placed as high as possible on your arms, at a tightness of no greater than 8 on a scale of 10. Most BFR workouts recommend using a far lighter weight than usual, perhaps as low as 25-50 percent of a normal working weight.


  1. BFR training boosts metabolic stress in the muscle, creating a strong muscular growth stimulus at light weight
  2. Cable provides constant tension throughout the movement, including at peak contraction
  3. Great for time-efficient arm training or after heavy pressing workouts
  4. Straight-bar grip focuses stress on the medial and lateral heads of the triceps
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