What makes a simple workout into a "swole sesh?" It's a subtle difference. In a full-on workout, you leave feeling…worked. You're chasing a goal. You get your game face on, then warm up, then move some iron.

After a swole sesh, you feel stretched at the seams but still ready for action. High reps are a must. Gotta have some arms in there. You could do it in 30 minutes, in your work clothes if necessary, before a big night out. You jump into it, chase a pump, and leave.

Where do you find one? In Get Swole, of course. Cory Gregory's 16-week behemoth of a training program is packed with over 100 great workouts, but Phase 3 of 5, aka the "Pump Phase," is a fan fave. Why? Try this arm gauntlet from Day 66, and you'll understand.

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