There are a number of great reasons to prioritize protein early in the day. For one (or two), "Research has shown that consuming higher-protein breakfasts makes individuals feel fuller throughout the day, all while burning more fat," explains Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., in the article "What Are the Ideal Macros for My Breakfast?"

Wilson suggests having 30-40 grams of protein at breakfast. That may sound like a lot, but getting it could be as simple as having three whole eggs instead of two and some yogurt with low-sugar fruit like berries on the side.

Eggs not your favorite? There are a million ways to prepare a high-protein breakfast, some of which rely on the natural protein content of familiar foods, while others incorporate protein powders.

A great place to start for those who don't want to slave in the kitchen at the crack of dawn is with the article "3 High-Protein Breakfasts On The Go," by registered dietician Paul Salter, MS, RD.

These quick-and-not-very-dirty dishes all deliver a solid dose of protein and plenty of nutrients in no time flat.