Pumpkin Banana Smoothie Recipe

Recommended by Kailan Kalina, content editor

Pumpkin Banana Smoothie Recipe

I'm one of those people who will put off feeling "ready" for fall for as long as possible. One reason is definitely the pumpkin-spice-flavored-everything train. Why am I not getting on board? A lot of that stuff just doesn't truly taste like pumpkin.

However, when there's a recipe that includes actual pumpkin, I can definitely get excited. So, I turned to the Bodybuilding.com recipe collection to find some real pumpkin recipes that get me excited for fall and keep me on track with my diet, and the first one that caught my eye was this: pumpkin banana smoothie. Perfect!

If you're someone like me who isn't ready for a huge meal right after a hard workout, a smoothie like this can get you the nutrients you need without rushing to stuff a meal down. I can sip my liquified pumpkin and protein and enjoy! Festive and effective—and delicious.

Here's a little tip: If you don't want the smoothie to turn out as thick, use a fresh banana and less yogurt. Keep it gains-friendly by adding a scoop of whey protein. (I highly recommend Signature Whey Protein in oatmeal cookie!)

Bodybuilding.com Est. 1999 Coin Pullover Hoodie

Recommended by Frieda Johnson, copy editor

Bodybuilding.com Est. 1999 Coin Pullover Hoodie

Hoodie season is here! And my current favorite to snuggle up in is the Est. 1999 Coin Pullover Hoodie from the Bodybuilding.com clothing collection.

I'm picky about my hoodies, and this one meets all my requirements: The sleeves are long enough (it drives me crazy when they constantly ride up), it hits low enough on my hips that there's no cold draft up my back (you know what I'm talking about), and the hood is the perfect size to give me the desired wind protection without feeling like I'm peering out of a cave.

Bonus: The extra-soft fleece lining makes it extra cozy and the design is a stylish reminder of Bodybuilding.com's history.

Rival Whey Warm-Ups, Hot Apple Cider

Recommended by Shoshanna Cohen, content editor

Rival Whey Warm-Ups, Hot Apple Cider

When the weather cools down, the last thing I want to drink is a cold protein shake. So when I heard about this whey protein hydrolysate that's designed to drink hot, my ears perked up. Hot protein sounds weird, but stay with me—this smooth, sweet, slightly creamy drink tastes shockingly close to a hot apple cider swirled with melted whipped cream from my favorite coffee chain.

This whey is going to be the perfect thing for tailgating and other outdoor events this fall where I like having a toasty drink to keep warm but don't want the empty calories and sugar crash from regular cider or cocoa. I'm also sending some with my boyfriend on his hunting trips for those times when stirring up an instant cider is way easier than making a full meal on a camping stove. Bring on the season—and the gains!

Angles90 Grips

Recommended by Nick Collias, executive editor

Angles90 Grips

We've been beating the drum on grip accessories like Fat Gripz for years, but get this: Going bigger isn't the only way to alter a grip for the better during exercise. The Angles90 grip actually makes gripping heavy weights more natural and comfortable, making it a brilliantly designed and fabricated "how did I lift without it" type of accessory that is well worth a place in your gym bag.

It fits comfortably in the hand—far more so than the standard D-handle—and allows you to customize and rotate your grip for pull-ups, band work, and pretty much everything else that involves hanging or picking something up. But unexpectedly, where it truly shines is with deadlifts. Wrap two handles around a straight bar close to your legs, and it instantly makes it more like a trap bar, or even a neutral-grip rack pull. Move them out, and it's a snatch-grip deadlift, only without the usual grip limitations.

In short, unlike most of the other workout tools you see on Instagram on a daily basis, these truly make a wide range of exercises more approachable and effective. Sign me up.

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