Chasing a six-pack? This ab workout is a perfect way to start your day or the perfect end to any workout. With bodyweight exercises and circuit-style intervals, you'll hit every angle of your abs and work up a sweat in less than 20 minutes!  

All-in-One Six-Pack Workout
Ab Rollout
Perform on your knees and limit your range of motion to what you can do without letting your lower back droop. If you reach failure, hold a static position with your arms below your shoulders for the remainder of the 30 sec.
3 sets, 30 sec (rest 1 min. )
Lying Leg Raise
3 sets, 30 sec (rest 1 min. )
Perform for time on one side before switching to the other side. Rest as little as possible between sides and 1 min. between sets.
Side Plank
3 sets, 30 sec (right side, no rest)
Side Plank
3 sets, 30 sec (left side, rest 1 min. )
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