Just when you've decided to get serious and really buckle down on your New Year's resolutions, along comes the Big Game. It's filled with knuckle-biting action, frenzied chants, close calls, over-the-top half-time performances, and that one thing that's sure to thwart your fitness goals: an endless array of munchies. With everything from chips and dip to pigs in a blanket and all things cheese-and-sauce-covered, it's not surprising that game day spreads can spell diet disaster.

You can't forgo your football celebration, but it doesn't have to be a belt buster. Eat to your heart's content as you cheer on your favorite team with these healthy game-day recipes.

1. Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip

Everyone's favorite dip goes a bit "lighter" with this skinny Buffalo chicken creation. It might be lower in calories and fat, but it's big on flavor! And there's three easy ways to prepare it. Just make sure not to blow all the calories on chips.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

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2. Sausage Supreme Pita Pizza

Hands down, my favorite food is pizza. The only problem is that 1/8 of a large pizza, or one slice, is over 350 calories, and who seriously eats only one slice? I can usually polish off half a pie on my own—hey, you can't stop love!

But I still have my standards. In fact, I'm really picky when it comes to my pizza, especially about the sauce. That's why I am so freaking stoked about this dish. Not only does it have over 30 g protein and only 415 calories per pizza, but the sauce is perfect. Even my hubby exclaimed, "Don't change a thing!" after devouring a slice—and he's Italian. If you like a crispy-crust pizza with flavorful sauce, you'll love this.

Sausage Supreme Pita Pizza

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3. Maple-Glazed Protein Donuts

Even though my first love is pizza, I've always had a sweet spot for maple donuts. Sadly, with all that trans fat and processed sugar, they might just be the worst thing for you. This probably explains why I feel like total crap after eating just half of one.

But that's not the case with these maple-glazed protein donuts, or "pronuts!" With a moist, cake-like texture loaded with maple flavor, these are not only great for game day, they also make the perfect post-workout snack. The best part? Each donut has only 100 calories and 2 grams of sugar. I'm in love!

Maple-glazed protein donuts

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