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Over 40 Bodybuilder of the Week: Ross Lampshire

Over 40 Bodybuilder of the Week: Ross Lampshire! - Pics and info and more!

  • Name: Ross Lampshire
  • E-mail:
  • Age: 51
  • Where: Loveland, Colorado
  • Height: 5'8"
  • Weight: 161
  • Years Bodybuilding :9
  • Favorite Bodypart: Back
  • Favorite Exercise: Bench Press
  • Favorite Supplements: ZMA, Flameout, by Biotest

How Did You Get Started?

I participated in the second EAS Body for Life. I decided that if I was going to invest that much time into the challenge, I also needed to make sure that there was a consequence at the end if I did not stay on track. So I signed up for an Amateur Bodybuilding competition. Unfortunately, I was too aggressive in my cutting phase and lost all my muscle mass, competing at 148 lbs. I did not like the way I looked, being that skinny old guy in a black pair of Speedos. However, I learned a lot from the experience. I went back again, a couple of years later with the same results. This time, however, I have spent over a year in the cutting phase, not just living on chicken, raw broccoli, and brown rice. At this point, I am near 8% body fat, and have maintained most of my weight. I also have two more months to dial it all in.

Ross Lampshire.
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Ross Lampshire.

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

I try to detail my daily workouts on my BodyBlog in BodySpace. It demonstrates my daily mix as I progress in my training.

I do cardio 6 days a week for 60 minutes, the first thing in the morning after a cup of coffee; because I am trying to work off the body fat I accumulated after a couple of shoulder surgeries. I mix up the cardio almost every day to boost my metabolism, increase my endurance, or just burn off the subcutaneous Body fat. I may do a brisk walk (4.5 mph) on an incline, or jog at 70% of my Maximum Heart Rate (5.5 mph), or use HIIT where the minimum speed is 6 mph and the max is 8mph. Once I get my body fat down, I plan to cut back on the cardio to a maintenance plan; probably 3 times per week, for 30 minutes.

Weight Training

    Day One: Back

Day Two: Biceps

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Ross Lampshire's Day Two Workout.

Day Three: Legs

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Ross Lampshire's Day Three Workout.

Day Four: Chest

Declines start at 180, after warm ups, dropping weight when the form starts to suffer, about 6 reps, minimum weight is 90 pounds for shoulder press. I also add Butterflies, 3 sets to failure

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Ross Lampshire's Day Four Workout.

Day Five: Triceps/Delts

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Ross Lampshire's Day Five Workout.

Day Six: Abs

    Crunches, Leg Raises, Hanging Leg Raises. All of these, I do to failure, and squeezing to feel the burn. I use this day to concentrate on weak points, moderate weights, and number of sets to failure squeezing at contraction.

Click Here For A Printable Log Of Ross Lampshire's Day Six Workout.

Day Seven: Rest

    I do mix the routines depending upon the machine availability and level of energy, if I need to move the rest day, I do it. My schedule is also influenced by the meetings I have at work. I often tell people that I am an advocate of the confusion principle, in that if people watch me, they get confused; but I do have a method in my madness.

Ross Lampshire.
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Ross Lampshire.

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

I cannot say that I eat clean. I do enough cardio to burn off excess body-fat, while at the same time, eating enough calories for energy. I try to drink lots of water throughout the day, and once in a while, a little Gatorade.




Post Workout






Ross Lampshire.
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Ross Lampshire.

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

Myoplex Protein Powder, Myoplex Bars, Flameout, ZMA, L-Arginine capsules. Most of the supplements I take are aimed at reducing the possibility of over-training, as well as supporting testosterone levels which can be impacted due to age and training. ZMA and Flameout helps.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

It keeps me active and combats the effects of age. I derive a sense of accomplishment when I complete by cardio, even when I don't feel like it, or push through a plateau. It teaches me PATIENCE! I wasted my younger years on riotous living, rather than concentrating on building my temple. Now, even though it takes a bit more time, I look better than I did when I weighed 118 pounds in high school...But that is another story. I use the weight lifting and cardio training to offset the effects of the injuries I have received over the years from Martial Arts and Bull riding. If I don't work out, I feel it, because I lose the ability to move freely without pain. has been a significant tool for me this time because it has given me the ability to interact with others and to share ideas, while also providing a one stop site for motivation, exercise instructions, and feedback on my progress.

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

I am training for an NPC competition in April. I have competed two times in the past, and have really gained from the experience. This time, I want to return and show a heck of a lot of improvement, trying for the first place trophy for my age group. I want to receive thunderous applause as opposed to startled looks of confusion from the audience. I also want to share my experience and insight where possible to motivate others to succeed.

Ross Lampshire.
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Ross Lampshire.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

Be realistic! Know that your current condition took time to develop, and it takes time to make changes. For example, 1 hour of cardio at 70% Max heart rate can burn about 1 tablespoon of body fat, if conditions are right. Remember that it comes off in the same order it was put on, First In, Last Out. To grow the peaks, squeeze the muscles at the top of each contraction for a second, and use proper form to avoid injuries.

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

Arnold is always a fine example to aim for, as well as Frank Zane, in that Frank continues to maintain his amazing physique, even into his 60s, which gives me hope. I have met Jay Cutler a couple of times, and he is massive, and inspiring to watch as well.