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Over 40 Bodybuilder of the Week: Lisa Weber

Over 40 Bodybuilder of the Week: Lisa Weber! - Pics and info and more!

  • Name: Lisa Weber
  • E-mail:
  • Age: 45
  • Where: Cary, North Carolina
  • Height: 5' 3"
  • Weight: 120 Lbs.
  • Years Bodybuilding :3
  • Favorite Bodypart: Deltoids
  • Favorite Exercise: Wide arm pullups
  • Favorite Supplements: Univera Life Science products

How Did You Get Started?

At age six, I use to beat all the boys in pull ups. I had fellows coming up to me saying to arm wrestle so and so. It's been a passion to stay strong ever since. At age 10, I started gymnastics. I competed into college... 5 years later, settled down and had 3 beautiful girls... to stay fit I ran. I began coaching an AAU competitive gymnastics team.

Interested in setting a goal and challenging myself, I decided to train for The Fitness America Pageant. It required a great deal of strength and body sculpting so I began weight training. I LOVED IT. Moving from coaching to Personal Training seemed like the perfect segue. Since then, I've enjoyed helping others reach their goals with resistance training, and walking the talk too.

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

I started out consistently doing an all-over body weight training program every other day. I like the balance do doing 30 minutes of cardio on days in between. By all over I mean, I've focused on lower body exercises (squats, abductor/adductor machines, leg curls and tons of lunges) the first 30 minutes. I've moved onto bench press, assisted pull-up machine, back row, arch ups, dumbbell flyes, triceps rope extensions and lots of delt rows (my favorite body part to work). I've switched things up too. Some weeks alternating all upper body one day and lower the next work out, etc. 4 days a week. I'm a huge believer of Swiss ball abdominal exercises. There are numerous ways to work abs on the Swiss ball. I use EXTREMELY FINE TUNED TECHNIQUE and lots of isolation on everything.

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When competitions approach I work individual body parts on each day of the week. One day is rest day. Cardio (intervals, slow burn, and speed) training are part of most days too. The coolest part of weight training is the creativity I get to practice. It changes all the time which keeps things interesting and keeps my muscles guessing.

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

Don't laugh. I've just winged it for a very long time. One things for certain: Supplements are a necessary part of making sure bodybuilders get the proper nutrients we can't typically get from the (SAD) sad American Diet. I enjoy eating all kinds of protein so getting enough has never been a problem. Diet is 2/3 the joy for me. Bodybuilding has taught me how much food affects the way my body changes. The types of foods I choose vary but the 'cleanest' simplest diet keeps me cut. Learning to LISTEN to my body has expanded. I've always been a grazer. I'm an all day snacker--not much into 3 big meals. Closer to competition most sugar, breads and heavy carbs and fats go...processed food I say bye-bye to. H20, h20, h20, and 8 hours of sleep are just as important as diet. Other the special diet I use to prepare for competition, I don't usually eat the same thing every day. Sunday is planning day for the week. Everybody KNOWS that fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and lean meats are best choices.

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If I give SPECIFICS on what I eat, that wouldn't necessarily benefit another person's body in the same way. What works for my body does because I pay attention and experiment. That little inner voice is there for a reason. I do know shopping from the parameter of the grocery store helps. I do know about how many calories I burn each day. I do know that pasta and bread effects my weight more than sugar. Bottom line in a nutrition plan that's right to build muscle... is high protein... spread throughout the day... and low fat and sugar... but the foods I choose are based on my likes and dislikes. Planning ahead is vital. This topic has infinite ideas as unique as each individual.

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

Believe it or not I haven't taken any supplements for 'gains'. I do take organic supplements that contain high antioxidants, essential vitamins, minerals and fats. The company is called Univera LifeSciences. It's products are based on the book 'The Metabolic Plan'. Over time scientists are discovering more and more how aging begins at the cellular level. As it turns out, MUSCLE, is the single most consistent contributor to longevity. Good old fashioned eggs, chicken, lean red meat and some all-natural protein shakes do it for me.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

Bodybuilding requires me to focus my energy. It requires discipline. The sport gives others the opportunity to see how amazing our bodies are and what an incredible ability we have to change it and feel our absolute best. It's the ultimate in demonstrating what we can be from the inside out.

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What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

I've decided to enter more NATURAL Bodybuilding contests and go after my Pro-card. I can think of nothing better to do for a living than get paid to work out!

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

My single most important tip I can give to other Bodybuilders is to follow the guidance you have inside of you. Reach for that best feeling emotion through the best thoughts you can think. Think Big!

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

I watched Corey Everson on her show 'Body Sculpting' and I thought how cool is that. She opened up the world of weight-training to women in a way that seemed so feminine and empowering. She was my first inspiration.

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