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Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: Jiri Borkovec

Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: Jiri Borkovec! - Pics and info and more!

How Did You Get Started?

My entire family has been in sports, and I'm no exception. I have been in many sports (soccer, ice-hockey, karate, and cycling). Ever since I was a small boy I have wanted to maximize my muscles. I saw many films with Arnold, and then I thought to myself: enough only watching films and reading magazines. It's time to do something. For the first 3 years I trained in my home gym. Then I joined a gym named Universal Gym. Now I'm Mr. Czech, and it gives me motivation to work harder in upcoming years.
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Jiri Borkovec.

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

I train 2+1. Dorian style! I can't say which plans are the best, but there are some rules which I abide by:

  • Use a majority of Free Weights
  • Enough sets, 9 for major muscle groups, and 6 sets for minor
  • Train with maximum possible intensity

arrow My Training Philosophy:

    I don't try any lifting maxes. I think that is not important for me. I'm not a powerlifter so I have no reason to do it. When I'm exercising I focus on tension in muscles and use the most difficult angle I can. I'll give you an example on benchpress. If I wanted to press as high of a weight as I can, I would use the best technique in powerlifting to lift. But I need to primarily attack my pecs and not my delts or triceps. That is why I use a different technique which is not biomechanically good at first but it does work pecs the best. The difference between these two styles can be 50 lbs.

    I use a 2+1 training system. It means two days on and one day off. I stretch each part once every six days. I don't have a specific workout plan. I never know which exercises I will do next time. Everyday my training is different. It is a very good way to keep my muscles growing. You must still shock your muscles by trying something new and different.

    I prefer quality rather than quantity. My opinion is if you want to do the next set of exercise, you cheated and you didn't give all to the last set. So, if you really use all your power to do a few sets, you made a big impulse for your muscles to grow. I think it is pointless when you do many sets by low intensity. It takes a lot of time and you don't give your muscles the right impulse to grow.

    I like to do 2-4 exercises for each body part and only one work set each exercise. Of course that is just my opinion. It can work for other people better than for me. I don't train using this style all the time. It is only my favorite way to train. I cycle my training style month to month.

arrow Training Split And An Example Of My Usual Training:

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

My food is almost the same all the year. When I'm in the off-season I eat more, but I still diet. It is very good for gaining lean muscles without fat. I don't believe in overeating and big weight gains in the off-season. I think if you gain too much bodyfat, the quality wouldn't be good. And in addition, you have to drop much of your weight before contest. It is not good for your body because if you drop your weight too quickly, then you're surely burning your muscles too. So why should I gain such useless pounds? It's absolutely useless when you gain too much fat.

Some people may be afraid that they will not have enough power to lift. It's absolutely enough if you take in only a little more energy then you give out. For example, if you give over 3000 kcal a day then you should intake 3500 kcal a day, not 5000. If you take in 5000, you would gain too much fat. You should focus on your intake of carbohydrates, proteins, low fats, vitamins, minerals and water.

arrow Carbohydrates:

    This problem is the most difficult of all because everyone is different and needs different amounts of carbs. It depends on what somatotype are you. We have three types:

    1. Endomorph
    2. Mesomorph
    3. Ectomorph

    Endomorphs are usually more fatty then other people. They easily gain fat and then find it hard to burn it. These people easily gain muscle mass but along with fats. They should take less carbs then others. 0.9-1.8 grams carbs per pound of bodyweight.

    Mesomorphs are lucky people. They easily gain lean muscles without fat. Their metabolism is quite quick. They can intake 1.4-2.7 grams per pound.

    Ectomorphs are opposite of endomorphs. They usually have big problems with weight gain. They're called "Hard-Gainers." Their metabolism is so quick that all the energy from food is burned very quickly. They are fighting for every pound of weight. They needn't be afraid that they will be fat when they eat a lot of food. I think it is very important to have enough of carbs. And enough means 1.8-3.7 grams a day. The best sources of carbs are rice, pasta, potatoes, oat flakes, beans and lentils.

arrow Proteins:

    It is the most important element of food. Human muscles are made of 70% protein and they can't be built from carbs. And that is why bodybuilders need to intake a lot of high quality proteins. If you don't take in enough of this stuff you will burn your body's protein (muscles). Our muscles need at least 0.9 grams of high quality protein per pound of bodyweight for stay in grow. The best way to reach anabolism is to eat a lot of proteins.

    I take 1.5-2g per pound of bodyweight and in the pre-contest diet sometimes 2.5g/lbs. A lot of people say that is too much but it is working for me very much. I can see a big difference when I take in a lot of protein. No scientific study about how much is enough exists. Everything is only an estimation. Everyone is different and needs different amounts of proteins and carbs and different ways of training.

    Proteins from whey are the best source for the human body. Other good sources are egg whites, chicken breast, lean beef and fish. As you can see all of these foods are from animals. These proteins have a good amino acid spectrum in contrast to vegetable sources. I try not to eat dairy because casein (milk protein) is hard to digest and also contains lactose which can easily put on fats.

arrow Fats:

    I don't see any reason for eating fatty meals. Of course, the human body needs some fats to work well, but we eat fats in almost every meal without thinking about it. So, it is not desirable to eat fats from other meals. For example, if you eat 150 grams of oat flakes, you take in 10 grams of fats. But these fats are good because it is unsaturated fat. Fatty meals like sausages, hamburgers and other fast food contains saturated fat, which is bad for us. My advice is keep away from all fatty meals.

arrow Vitamins & Minerals:

    We should take them, because they are catalysts of many chemical reactions. If just one vitamin or mineral is not delivered to the body then muscles can't grow well. Multivitamin, multimineral, vitamin C, zinc, beta carotene and calcium are the basics you have to take.

    Of course all vitamins and minerals are important, but I only wanted to tell you that bodybuilders have to take more of these. A lot of people think that taking this stuff isn't important but they're wrong. Bodybuilders have more requirements for vitamins and minerals.

    The free radicals are rising when you train and that is why you have to have enough antioxidants. Your body is sweating during the workout and vitamins along with minerals are going out. That is the next reason why not to miss out on taking this stuff. They are very important for muscle regeneration too.

    If I had to choose between a vitamin supplement and protein powder, I would choose vitamins. You can always replace a protein shake with regular meals but you can't intake all the vitamins and minerals in the amount you need through regular food. It is impossible.

arrow Water:

    People often forget to drink. The human body is made of 60-70% water. And water is necessary for many chemical reactions just as vitamins and minerals. People very often say that they have not enough time for that or they forget to drink. When somebody tells me they have no time to drink I answer, "You lie."

    You always can have a bottle of water and drink anytime you want. It is still much better to escape to the lavatory to get a drink on the job than not to drink. Everybody should drink at least 2-5 litters of water a day. I know that isn't comfortable but it is good for you.

    If you drink enough, your metabolism and digestion of food is faster. Water is a diuretic so if you drink a lot, you will look leaner because you will have little water under you skin. And if you do sports then you should drink more, about 4-8 litters. It depends on what type of exercising you do and how long you train. Don't drink too much alcohol. It causes dehydration.

So I tell you. Eat healthy and correctly. You will quickly see how your body changes. Remember you are what you eat...
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Jiri Borkovec.

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

Micro and Ultra Filtrate Whey Isolates give me the best results. Protein is the building blocks of muscle.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

Because it makes me happy and very positive in other aspects of living. As a matter of fact I dont know why I love bodybuilding. Perhaps it's in me. I have it in my blood. I like to train, I like the pump, I like cooking, I like to compete, I like everything about it. So when I'm in the gym, I'm in a heaven. And I can't imagine doing any other sport. I'll love bodybuilding forever.

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

After I won 1st place plus overall on Musclemania 2007 I took a rest and I lost some weight. Im still Junior but there is no more to achieve so I'll try to compete among men on Muslemania Superbody 2009, but it will be difficult because money already plays a strong role. So bodybuilding is not easy without sponsors. However I'll try it. And I'll do my best to place well in my next contest. I also want to move to the US, and one day own my own gym.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

If you want be successful, you must learn to have discipline and be hard working. You can't have a muscular physique over-night. It is a long journey. Just hold it and results will come. And don't forget! Nothing is free. No pain, no gain.
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Jiri Borkovec.

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

Arnold has been the biggest influence in my life.