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Over 40 Bodybuilder of the Week: David Yost

Over 40 Bodybuilder of the Week: David Yost! - Pics and info and more!

How Did You Get Started?

I've always been somewhat athletic - but wasn't an athlete growing up. I had always been in good shape and even ran a few marathons but was never in great shape. About 4 years ago I saw a few pictures, and although I wasn't in bad shape - I remember thinking - "Is this the best I'm ever going to be?" I decided to start lifting - not expecting too much - but hoping to get in a bit better shape. After about 6 months I decided to get a trainer to help me out with a few workouts. When asked what my goal was - I told him I wanted to be in the best shape of my life then I turned 40.

Long story short - he suggested that if I was really serious about it - I should enter a competition. I figured I had nothing to lose. My original trainer moved to another gym and I had the good fortune of finding Joe Franco to help me train.

After meeting with Joe and telling him my goal of competing - he was completely honest and told me to hold off for a year and put on some size. I was disappointed - but knew I found a good trainer as he was being honest with me. So I waited. I trained every day (I mean every day) - never skipped a single workout, I ate right, never "cheated" and a year later I competed in the NGA Mr. Philadelphia.

I took 3rd in the Novice and was thrilled. I was also hooked. I thought it was one of the coolest things I had ever done - and the people I had met along the way were just awesome.

After gaining a bit of confidence that I could actually do this - I trained even harder over the next 16 months and competed in the OCB Mid-Atlantic Battle for the Belt. Still not being a particularly big guy - I was a bit apprehensive in competing in a bigger show with bigger competitors. However I came in better condition and did better - taking 2nd in my Novice class, 2nd in the Masters and 5th in my Men's Open class.

David Yost.
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David Yost.

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?

I follow a four day split. I work out Monday thru Friday and take the weekend off from lifting. My lifting philosophy is simple - lift as heavy as I can and make every workout count. I continue to learn, and now concentrate on lifting as heavy as I can while maintaining as strict form as possible.

During the off season I switch it up a bit and add more strength moves at lower reps but basically follow the same general workout plan year round. I add various amounts of cardio during prep - depending upon what is needed. Having previously been a runner I now hate the treadmill and usually use the elliptical instead.

Day 1: Quads/Calves/Abs

Day 2: Chest/Triceps

Day 3: Back/Hams/Abs

Day 4: Shoulders/Biceps

Day 5: Repeat Day 1

Day 6: Cardio

Day 7: Off

Start the next week with the next workout in line and continue.

David Yost.
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David Yost.

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

Eat clean! I would probably categorize myself as an ectomorph/mesomorph so losing weight isn't a huge issue for me. During the off-season I eat a bit more loosely - but about 7 months out from a show I am super strict with by diet and meal timing. I am extremely strict with my macros and eat basically the same basic foods every day during the prep season. I work out first thing in the morning - so I start eating pretty early in the morning.

I do have three different macro schemes during prep - the following is a "normal" day. I increase things for back or legs and lower them on days I don't work out. The following is a "normal" day - Protein 230g, Carbohydrate 160g, Fat 55g

Meal 1: 4:45 AM Pre-Workout

Meal 2: 7:30 AM Immediately Post Workout

Meal 3: 9:00 AM

Meal 4: 12 Noon

Meal 5: 3 PM

  • 2 scoops protein (34g of protein)

Meal 6: 6 PM

Meal 7: 9 PM

A treat during prep is a small spoon of cool whip. And kudos to the genius who came up with chunky peanut butter!

David Yost.
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David Yost.

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

I believe the creatine (5 g prior to working out) and the whey protein (various amounts throughout the day). They are both staples of a bodybuilding diet.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

It's the best drug there is. I know if I work out - I feel better, I get stronger, I look better. I know that is I do this I am going to better today than I was yesterday. I look and feel better today at 41 than I did when I started at 37, than I did at 30, than I did at 25. The fact that you can take control and improve is really empowering and spills into other aspects of your life.

What Motivates You To Follow A Healthy Lifestyle?

The benefits of it. I'm stronger, faster, better now than ever before. It allows me to do more things - it makes me feel more confident and that just builds on itself.

What Made You Want To Achieve Your Goals?

I think like most bodybuilders - I have an A Type personality, and goals - regardless of what they are - you have to go for it and give it your best shot. Competing in bodybuilding was something that I never thought I would or could do - it was a seemingly unobtainable goal - so I liked the fact that it was completely outside my comfort zone. Now that I have some success I just want to build on it.

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

I'm taking the next two years off from competing and using the time to concentrate on gaining size and further improving. I have my eye on the 2012 Mid-Atlantic Battle for the Belt - coming back and hopefully winning! From there - I want to keep doing this into my 60s and beyond!

David Yost.
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David Yost.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

Do it - just do it. Put a plan together to get it done. Get a trainer who knows what they are doing and listen to them. I was fortunate to find a great trainer in Joe Franco. Commit to it - if you're going to do it - you have to give it 100%. Be patient - it takes time - but if you are consistent - the changes and improvements will come!

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

I'm a big fan of anyone who has the guts to get up on stage. I really like the competitors that just wanted to lose weight, make a change, or just do something different - and it snowballed into competing and now (like me) are hooked. I think that is the real heart and soul of the sport. I am a fan of Mike Liberatore, Jose Raymond and Dennis Wolf. Mostly though - I really get a lot of inspiration and have a huge amount of admiration for the men and women that compete and excel in the Natural arena such as - Joe Franco, Doug Miller, Dave Goodin and Layne Norton.

What Features Do You Use On

Besides the store - I use it for research all the time. The exercise database is great for ensuring proper technique. The weekly features are great for new information, techniques and training philosophies. Of course the bodybuilder profiles are always a great source of motivation.