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Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: Chris Chappell

Amateur Bodybuilder of the Week: Chris Chappell! - Pics and info and more!

  • Name: Chris Chappell
  • E-mail:
  • Age: 28
  • Where: Newcastle, Australia
  • Height: 5'10"
  • Weight: 195 lbs.
  • Years Bodybuilding :6
  • Favorite Bodypart: Chest and Triceps
  • Favorite Exercise: Flat Dumbell press/One-arm reverse tricep pushdowns.
  • Favorite Supplements: Bodyripped Thermogen/Max Pro Whey protein (most important).

How Did You Get Started?

I was always the "little guy" growing up with my friends, and when I left school and started working I needed something to "build me up". Heard all the stories about the gym and eating this and that. So I started training at the local PCYC (police youth club) and took it fairly seriously when all of a sudden there were a few lumps and bumps forming in all the right places. I was doing everything wrong of course, training too long, incorrect form, unsupervised. Then a local guy came and gave me a few pointers one day when he was training, and that made the world of difference. He only spent 15 minutes showing me the finer points and recommending the training split of two bodyparts a day max. I didn't even get his name. Next thing the gains came and the protein got fed in and I joined the local "real gym" where all the big boys were, watched, listened and kept my mouth shut and learned alot from them.

Then I found my new formed muscles were a bit of a hit with the ladies and I started going out and partying hard and doing all the wrong things again, not eating right, training tired and when I could, before and after a big night. Then some friends of mine really gave me a bit of a hard time about knuckling down in the gym. I loved the lifestyle but wasn't giving it 100%. So they asked me to compete in a comp that was 15 weeks away so I agreed. For that 15 weeks I ate perfectly, trained harder than ever, never went out, and in 12 weeks I lost most of my body fat but my weight on the scales did not move! I was finally gaining good quality muscle. I was hooked and haven't looked back. I came in 3rd in my first ever comp against much more experienced bodybuilders and loved the challenge and have top three placed in every competition since, large and small. It is now my lifestyle 100% and I'm now one of the guys in the gym that is giving the advice, not asking it.

What Workout Plan Worked Best For You?


Offseason: Hard and heavy and short sets with good form. 6-10 reps. 3-4 sets. Warmup, then 50%, then all out 100% for 6-8 reps then back to about 80% of that weight for 8-10 reps. Then again at 80%. 3-4 excersises for each body part. I go 2 days on, one day off, 2 days on, 2 days off during the offseason.

Competition: 12 weeks out till comp day. Up the tempo a little from 6-8 to 10-12 reps with a set of 15-20 thrown in. Add more shaping exercises like peck deck flyes, cable cross overs, leg extensions etc. Add a little cardio. (I hardly do any as my metabolism is so fast all year, I have trouble keeping the weight on.) During this time I workout 5 days straight with weekends off, except for abs on Sunday.

What Nutrition Plan Has Worked Best For You?

What Supplements Have Given You The Greatest Gains?

PROTEIN, PROTEIN, PROTEIN! This is simple for me... Massive protein intake, good gains of lean muscle. So protein supplementation is my utmost concern. Then things like tribulus and thermogen for that "kick" preworkout. Liquid creatine has been good too if you can get over the upset stomach with constant dosing.

Why do you love Bodybuilding?

Who seriously would not like to look good, or even a little different than what they do now? People spend millions a year to "change" the way we look. Makeup, surgery, fashion, manicure, pedicure, liposuction... the list goes on. Bodybuilding is the ultimate step. Think about it, B.O.D.Y.B.U.I.L.D.I.N.G. This gives one person the power to make the difference in themsleves. And it is autonymous. It is up to one person, there is no "team" that gets you a physique. Sure we all have incredible support most of the time from loved ones. I couldn't survive without my girlfriend in the gym, never. BUT, one person actually lifts each rep and does each crunch and eats each meal. The results are all yours as are the losses. If you don't cut it, you WON'T cut up! Along with that the people in the sport here are very close knit and there is an unspoken alliance between competitive bodybuilders. We all know how hard it is to work, train, diet and continue a somewhat normal life and then compete!

What Are Your Future Bodybuilding Plans?

Bigger Bigger Bigger. Keep improving myself and help my girlfriend win her first ever competition. She can do it! Then open my PT business and help others. If only I knew then what I know now. I want to work in this industry, I love the whole feel of it.

What One Tip Would You Give Other Bodybuilders?

Be yourself 110%. Everyone says that, but think how many times you've done your hair for someone else, or worn something that didn't suit you just for someone else, or bitten your tonque. Stuff that! Be you, build a great body with discipline and determination and listen to the guy or girl that has a physique you admire. Whilst not everything works for everyone, they have done SOMETHING right! Keep good form and stick to the basics, it has been building muscles forever. Keep your goals in your heart, don't wear them on your sleeve. Once you have realized the first goal, make the next one bigger and don't stop until you are there, use this goal as determination on the days you are tired or feel weak. Eat the elephant bite by bite! Think about that.

Who Are Your Favorite Bodybuilders?

Ronnie Coleman for sure. I'm sure everyone says that, he is Mr Olympia but I have a signed autograph from the big man when he wasn't even placing top 6. I think he was 15th then 11th in the O. I have always liked him. Dorian was a hard man, and Andreas Munzer was the hardest thing I have ever seen. Modern day Dexter Jackson is heading there. Chris Cormier and Lee Priest run a close 2nd to the big man.