Steve Halvorson


My name is Steve and I currently attend Winona State University. Currently, I am studying biochemistry and I plan on pursuing a PhD in the field after completing my undergraduate work. As far as my interest in fitness, I became hooked on the idea of bodybuilding in high school. I was a decorated three-sport athlete. However, poor genetics severely limited my results which thus forced me to do extensive research in order to gain an advantage. After months of trial and error, I discovered the true science behind building muscle and have gained extreme results in a very short period of time. Ultimately, I would like to compete as a bodybuilder no sooner than ten years down the road.

My core belief is that anyone can achieve astronomical results from their training if they understand the fundamentals of their body's biochemistry as well as the relation between neural and physiological activity (basically, the brain affecting the body). Therefore, my passion is to give people the right information as well as the right kind of motivation to achieve their goals whether it is to gain muscle, burn fat, or excel at a sport. The one thing that irritates me the most is when people want to achieve results and no one can seem to provide the proper information for them to do so in an efficient and time-effective manner. I want to be one of the few people in the fitness industry that keeps the facts straight.