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I have been competing for 17 years non-stop and have yet to fulfill my ultimate destiny of becoming Mr. Olympia. Experience has taught me to never give up on my dreams and fight 'til the end. When I began to realize bodybuilding was my career, I predicted by age 30 I would be done and on to something new and equally challenging. At age 34, reality tells me that if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. Bodybuilding is what I am good at.

I love my job, it's what dreams are made of and believe me, I feel more accomplished with what I have done than what many could only hope for. However, at age 34 I still have no Sandow trophy to show for all my hard work.

My focus when training for competition is second to none but when I am not training life's responsibilities are taking precedence over bodybuilding i.e.: planning for the future, a family, recreation, exploration, crosstraining and so on. True, I have plenty of gas left in my tank, yet I realize I am more than just an athlete, competitor and bodybuilder.

Shawn Ray Articles:

    Shawn Ray Interview.
    by David Robson.
    "One of the most spectacular pro-bodybuilders of the latter part of the 20-century would be Shawn Ray - a man often referred to as having the perfect combination of mass and aesthetics. "

    A Preview Of The Shawn Ray Colorado Pro Am Classic.
    by David Robson.
    "Professional bodybuilder extraordinaire Shawn Ray is set to become bodybuilding promoter extraordinaire, as he works through the final stages of his Shawn Ray Colorado Pro Am Classic, which will take place over the 12 and 13th of May 2006."

Height: 5'7"
Weight: 215 lbs. contest, 230 lbs off season
Current Residence: Yorba Linda, California (home); Newport Beach, California (condo); Las Vegas, Nevada (townhouse).
Sponsors: Weider Nutrition - 12 years; Saranac Gloves - 8 years; Flex Equipment - 4 years; Max Muscle Clothing - 2 years.
Special Interest: Boxing; Football; Basketball; Gymnastics; Tennis, UFC Fighting, Music.1987 Mr. California--1 st Lightheavy & Overall
1987 National Championships--1 st Lightheavy & Overall
1988 Mr. Olympia--13 th Los Angeles
1990 Pro Ironman Champion--1 st Redondo Beach
1990 Arnold Classic--1 st (disqualified) Ohio
1990 Mr. Olympia--3 rd Chicago, IL
1991 Arnold Classic--1 st Ohio
1991 Mr. Olympia--5 th Orlando, FL
1992 Mr. Olympia--4 th Helsinki, Finland
1993 Mr. Olympia--3 rd Atlanta, GA
1994 Mr. Olympia--2 nd Atlanta, GA
1995 Mr. Olympia--4 th Atlanta, GA
1996 Pro Ironman--3 rd Redondo Beach, CA
1996 Arnold Classic--5 th Columbus, OH
1996 Mr. Olympia--2 nd Chicago, IL
1997 Mr. Olympia--3 rd Los Angeles, CA
1998 Mr. Olympia--5 th New York, NY
1999 Mr. Olympia--5 th Las Vegas, NV
2000 Mr. Olympia--4 th Las Vegas, NV
2001 Mr. Olympia--4 th Las Vegas, NV

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