Jesse C. Lay


I started lifting weights in high school to help play football in Louisville Ky. I continued to work out while playing football as a freshman at Kentucky State University. After that year was up, I entered the Navy in 1990 and continued my daily work-outs at the various Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities wherever I happened to be stationed.

My work-out routine changed after a fellow sailor mentioned that I should consider competitive body-building. I hooked up with the National Physique Commitee( the organization that coordinates and certifies all of the competitive bodybuilding competitions) and the AAU. Bodybuilding changed the way I approach weight-lifting, because it pushed up the intensity of my work-out.

I worked out 3 times a week at the Sterett Hall gym with different days devoted to different areas of my body award-winning physique.

My workout routine currently is on Mondays chest and biceps, and on Wednesdays quads and hamstrings. On Fridays it is back and biceps. I work on my abs every workout and calves three times a week. Cardio I do three hours a week.

My personal goal is to become a pro natural bodybuilder.

"Stay natural for life!" - Jesse C. Lay1991 AAU Colonial Bodybuilding Championship - 2nd place
1991 Norfolk Naval Shipyard Bodybuilding - 5th place
1993 Tarheel Bodybuilding Championship - 1st place
1993 Dixie Bodybuilding Championship - 2nd place
1994 Thoroughbred Classic -2nd place
1994 Kentucky State Bodybuilding Championship -3rd place
1994 The USC and Capitol City Bodybuilding Championship -2nd place
1995 Mr Louisville -1st place
1996 Mr Kentucky -1st place and overall
1997 Mr Fort Knox -1st place and overall
2000 ODG Natural Classic Bodybuilding Championship - 3rd place


  • Getting My Pro Card!

    I will be getting my pro card this year and will be competing in the shows I have listed below.

  • Back Bombing!

    The back is a complex muscle group, because you have three muscle groups. They consist of the traps, lats, and erector. The average body builder works only the lats and that alone won't cut it.

  • My Philosophy On Training Abs!

    The key to develop good Abs first starts with a good diet, adequate cardio and an Ab routine. A lot of people get Abs confused.

  • The Key To Successful Bodybuilding!

    The key to successful bodybuilding starts with mind, body, soul and setting goals that are obtainable (believe in yourself know matter what people may think or say about you or your training). Get yourself in shape the right way!

  • Workout Routine For Gains!

    Here are my favorite chest and bicep workouts.

  • My Philosophy Concerning Off Season Training!

    One of the key issues is to see where you are and where you are going with your goals. Then focus on the hard core, becoming the next Mr. Olympia.