Jesse C. Lay


I started lifting weights in high school to help play football in Louisville Ky. I continued to work out while playing football as a freshman at Kentucky State University. After that year was up, I entered the Navy in 1990 and continued my daily work-outs at the various Morale, Welfare and Recreation facilities wherever I happened to be stationed.

My work-out routine changed after a fellow sailor mentioned that I should consider competitive body-building. I hooked up with the National Physique Commitee( the organization that coordinates and certifies all of the competitive bodybuilding competitions) and the AAU. Bodybuilding changed the way I approach weight-lifting, because it pushed up the intensity of my work-out.

I worked out 3 times a week at the Sterett Hall gym with different days devoted to different areas of my body award-winning physique.

My workout routine currently is on Mondays chest and biceps, and on Wednesdays quads and hamstrings. On Fridays it is back and biceps. I work on my abs every workout and calves three times a week. Cardio I do three hours a week.

My personal goal is to become a pro natural bodybuilder.

"Stay natural for life!" - Jesse C. Lay1991 AAU Colonial Bodybuilding Championship - 2nd place
1991 Norfolk Naval Shipyard Bodybuilding - 5th place
1993 Tarheel Bodybuilding Championship - 1st place
1993 Dixie Bodybuilding Championship - 2nd place
1994 Thoroughbred Classic -2nd place
1994 Kentucky State Bodybuilding Championship -3rd place
1994 The USC and Capitol City Bodybuilding Championship -2nd place
1995 Mr Louisville -1st place
1996 Mr Kentucky -1st place and overall
1997 Mr Fort Knox -1st place and overall
2000 ODG Natural Classic Bodybuilding Championship - 3rd place


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