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A busy mom from New Jersey and a soon-to-be married guy from California crushed their goals to win Bodybuilding.com and Dymatize's biggest Transformation Challenge prize ever!
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At his heaviest, Chandler Camden weighed close to 270 pounds. When you love food, eating, and the way it feels to devour a pizza or three foot-long sandwiches—at least while in the moment—steady weight gain is bound to occur.
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When weight gain and a major life change zapped Darnell's confidence, he found emotional balance at the gym. After losing around 100 pounds, this fit father is loving life again! Darnell Greenidge Transformation Story ► http://bbcom.me/2aZPPqd Top 50 Best Supplements ► http://bbcom.me/2aZQhoI
Everyone in this group started out as regular folks with powerful reasons for entering this 12-week challenge. Congrats to Matt, Robyn, and our runners-up for becoming better versions of themselves. And thank you to Dymatize Nutrition for making it all possible.
A car accident left Nick Scott unable to walk, but it didn't derail his competitive ambitions. He's become a shining light in wheelchair bodybuilding and an inspiration to lifters everywhere!
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The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Fitness will teach you the fundamentals of training, nutrition, and supplementation in only 30 days. Take the first step!
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At 39 years old and 350 pounds, Louis Sheppard set a simple goal: train hard and eat right for one solid, unbroken year. Over the next year, he lost 100 pounds and changed his life forever.
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Human compassion and technology come together in one the most inspiring transformation stories we've heard. This now-legendary Bodybuilding.com forum member has lost 350 pounds, and for the first time, his future looks bright.
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Killer arms make a good physique great. Look under the hood of your biceps and triceps and learn the best exercises for maximum muscle growth.
Kate's Spark: Letting Down Her Coach. Kate grew up around fitness, but fell off course during college. A wake-up call led her to commit to change and slash 15 percent body fat in two years.
Sparked by a negative comment at a local pool, Peggy Pullen went from sacrificing everything for others to loving herself enough to change for the better.
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We're starting Elite Body with an intense, compound-exercise shoulder smash and following it up by crushing our biceps and triceps! Get in the gym and earn your elite.
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The final workout for the week consists of intense interval sprints. It's a short, effective workout that will help you burn fat and build muscle. Get ready to sweat!
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Legs are the most important part of an elite body. This workout will develop your strength, endurance, and power with plyometrics and compound exercises.
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An athletic frame and great physique aren't complete without a strong back. Here's the workout that will build strength and carve aesthetics in your traps and lats!
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Whether you're a lady or gentleman, chest and shoulder training is a vital aspect of building an elite body. Earn your symmetry, balance, and shape.
Erin Stern's Elite Body Trainer will help you become leaner, stronger, and more physically fit in only four weeks. Follow Erin's plan and earn your elite.
Stage presence is a hard-to-define quality that separates the winners from the losers. You might think you naturally either have stage presence or don't, but you can actually learn it.
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Water and sodium may be the trickiest elements of all to manage pre-contest. Learn how to manage their delicate balancing act with my series of dos and don'ts.
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Don't let strength be your weakness. Follow Jim Stoppani's systematic guide to your best lifts ever—and earn the muscle to match!
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Training and cardio have brought your physique this far, but if you don't manage your workouts well during peak week, it could all be for naught.
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This 5 video series will tell you all you need to know about dialing it in during the last week pre-contest. When it comes to competing, you're only as strong as your weakest link.
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Posing is an art form and a science rolled into one. I provide details on how to hit every pose to full effect, showcasing your physique in the best possible way.
Who is Zuzka Light, and how did she rise to the top of the fitness world? Learn the story behind this inspirational online trainer and author.