Want Abs? No Pain, No Gain!

I'm sure you all know you can not get abs if you do not have your body fat at around 10%. This is where most people go wrong. They have a diet that consists of chocolate bars and crisps and they expect their abs to pop out by doing hundreds of crunches!

What's the body part which really makes or breaks a body, and what any male wants to show off to the ladies? Yes, it's the abs to complete the midsection.

I'm sure you've seen some of the bodybuilders in shows who have a huge body which any bodybuilder would be proud of, but fails to win the competition because of the layer of fat covering their abs.

I'm sure you all know you cannot get abs if you do not have your body fat at around 10%. This is where most people go wrong. They have a diet that consists of chocolate bars and crisps and they expect their abs to pop out by doing hundreds of crunches and leg raises - don't do this!

Diet & Cardio

The most important part of the puzzle is your diet. Once your diet is in order, you are on your way to having great defined abs. Remember, abs are built in the kitchen - not in the gym.

Get In The Kitchen And Cook Yourself A Nice 6-pack! Get In The Kitchen And Cook Yourself A Nice 6-pack!
It's getting colder outside and people tend to be less active. The six-pack from the hot summer will be covered by ugly fat. This scenario is known and feared by all fit people. BUT the fact is - it doesn't have to happen!
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The second thing, unless you already have a low body fat percentage, is cardio (see also my article on the importance of cardio) - that is a must if you need to bring your body fat percentage down.

I like to work my abs at the end of every workout. Others like to train them once a week, once every two weeks or when ever there not sore. Experiment to find out what works best for you.

The Importance Of Cardio! The Importance Of Cardio!
I'm sure most of you reading this hate cardio. I actually for the first two weeks enjoyed getting up at 5.30am to go for a 30 minute jog but then I realized why so many of you hate cardio.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Ab Routine

I have tried several different routines for my abs, mostly from advice I got from people at my gym, but I thought I would try working my abs a totally different way than what people have told me - with a different routine, and it works!

This routine is done by using supersets. Supersets are when you go from one exercise to the other without a break in-between sets. This is a very good way to give your muscles being worked a real pump.

What Are Supersets?
A superset is the alternating back and forth between two (or more) exercises until the prescribed number of sets is complete, usually with no rest between exercises. There are various types of supersets, however.

Find more definitions in our glossary.

My Routine

    My Superset Ab Routine Consists Of:

    When you do the second set, do the rope crunches to failure to totally wipe out your abs.

    Also when doing the rope crunches remember, like with other exercises, to use a weight that you can manage while using good form to really give your abs a pump.

    Try doing a full two sets of these. It is a very simple workout, but effective - and remember to keep it intense! This is a great ab workout to shock your abs once-in-awhile. After doing this, the next day my abs were more sore than any of the ab workouts I'd tried out previously.

    Just give it a go and see how you find it. I recommend doing this at the end of your session because of the amount of energy it will take out of you. Also do not do this program more than twice a week, and give yourself at least two days to recover.

Sit-Up Circuit: Can You Finish This Ab Workout? Sit-Up Circuit: Can You Finish This Ab Workout?
As I condition my body daily in the gym, I find myself speaking probably when I shouldn't. I find it frustrating that people do so many crunches and abdomen exercises inappropriately. Learn how to practice proper form with my sit-up ab circuit!
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One last note: I'm sure you've seen the ab rollers and ab toner pieces of rubbish advertised on TV at 2:00 in the morning. You would have to be a fool to believe the bodybuilders who advertise the product actually used it to get abs.

How often do you see a man on TV with 30% body fat and then say, "In just three weeks of using this product I had abs popping out and 5% bodyfat!"? Then idiots think it's a bargain... Anyway, just stick with the basic exercises and that's all you need!

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John Lemare

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