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Did you know?
The fat that is spent making exercises can come from any part of the body.

"I started to lifting weights after my high school year when I was the skinny guy of my class and started to go to the gym with a friend."

Whatever is the action that we execute with our legs or arms, it is required of a solid trunk. In this arms and legs are inserted. The trunk is its foundation. When one fortifies arms and legs as well, it is an indirect way fortifying the trunk.

Leg Structure

The legs group a great amount of muscles, are the main ones you make of energy production and therefore they are important stimulant of the metabolism, the circulation and the breathing. On the other hand they are " the wheels and pneumatic " of our body reason why they must be strong, resistant, agile and aligned well. If they have excess of fat it is because these tires were full of mud but the difference is that this fatty weave (the mud) not only this by outside but which also on the inside and what is more serious is than the air (the circulation) of these tires badly would be distributed!

Finally not to train its legs as it must, it affects to the bones of the legs in special to the neck of femur what does, like an axis of the wheels, if they are not used of adapted way, is exposed to a hip fracture, phenomenon that mainly affects the women. The lack of force in legs by lack of training is as if the axes of this species of car, oxidized (or they will decalcify) by lack of use.

The same he is transferable and applicable for the arms in relation to the spine, which not only " oxidizes " but that in addition it is become deformed, it is turned aside, "eureka"!


IMPORTANT: As first step is important to discard some type of injury or malinformation that could worsen with the training. Also, as arms and legs reunite great muscular groups, it is not of more than his doctor discarding cardio-circulatory alterations (arrhythmias, hypertension etc. etc.) or metabolic important (diabetes) that they could cause effects monished with the training.

TO HANG ITSELF in semi flexion of arms is 1 stimulate initial for arms and column. Flexores muscles of arms, and shoulders act with the back.
DOSE: Hopefully three times per week 10 series of 5 seconds.

DEEP FLEXIONS WITHOUT SUPPORT with straight back and to take as guide from support a smooth wall. To raise and to lower slowly.
DOSE: To complete 15 and to make 3 series of 15. If it is to him easy it adds a jump in the end and it cushions well his fall. Watch out of which its column this aligned well. He is not others that do about 5 minutes of trot in the place or mini bounces.


We know that it is our preoccupation and the myths and superstitions that there are on the matter they are many. The fat that is spent making exercises can come from any part of the body. To make exercises with the arms is not synonymous to spend the fat of the arms. The same it is for abdominal or legs. You must worry to wear away energy so that the use of fats can predominate, but from where they come or the fats are spent is commanded genetically. Here I'm going to mention some arm and leg workouts:


Barbell Curl
Concentration Curl
Preacher's Curl
Dumbell Curl
Cable Curls
Hammer Curl (very good for the forearm too)
Incline Curls
High cable Curls
Low cable Curls
Barbell reverse Curls
Barbell spider Curls
Standing Zottman Curls
Prone Barbell Curls

Triceps Parallel bar dips
Close-grip bench press
Lying Barbell Triceps extension
One-Dumbbell Triceps extension
Reverse Pulley pushdowns
Standing Barbell Triceps extension
Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks
Barbell Triceps Kickbacks
One-Arm cable Triceps Kickbacks

Site Lateral Raises
Upright Rows
Overhead Barbell Press
Front Lateral raises
Overhead Dumbell press
Arnold Press

Wrist Curls
Reverse wrist Curls
Reverse preacher's curls
Dumbbell wrist curls


Dead lifts
Leg Press
Hack squats
Leg extensions
Dumbbell lunges
Dumbbell squats

Leg Curl
Standing Leg curl

Standing Calf rises
Donkey Calf rises
Jumping squats
Seated calf rises

Remember: Train like a BEAST!!!!!!!

Guillermo Fontanez

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