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"All of your bodybuilding questions are answered here! Learn the truth."

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Will Squats Make Me Shrink?

Mad props to you and your dedication. I have a couple questions about squats. This is going to be my first time doing squats with free weights. Could you give me the basics leg work out and how to maintain a proper form? I'm 170 lb and Iím assuming I should eat up to 3000 calories of healthy foods. I'm 17 yr old, 6'0 with a 23" quads. One thing I want to know the most is: Does squatting shrinks your height?

Squatting will not cause you to shrink, so don't worry. Many people think that squatting will hurt your spine. This is not true if done correctly. In fact, a study was done which examined the spine of the squat world record holder (which is over 1,000 pounds!) and found his spine was perfectly healthy and had extremely high levels of bone strength or bone density.

Study: Dickerman, R.D., Pertusi, R., & Smith, G.H. International Journal of Sports Medicine, 21, 469-470, 2002.

I recommend starting with a lightweight and not training to failure for your first time doing squats. Right now, you want to concentrate on getting the form down. This includes range of motion, biomechanics, and overall execution.

As for proper form:

  1. Position the bar comfortably on your traps and posterior delts.
  2. Grip the bar with your hands a little wider than shoulder width.
  3. Look straight ahead and lift the bar off the rack.
  4. You will most likely have to take a couple steps forwards or backwards depending on how the rack is setup.
  5. With feet about shoulder width apart (Youíll have to find the correct width for yourself) and toes pointed forward or slightly outward, bend your knees slowing and squat down.
  6. Make sure that as you go down, you keep your back straight (not perfectly, you have to bend forward some) and the bar in line with your ankles.
  7. For now, go down until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
  8. Once parallel, extend your legs, straighten your back, and return to the starting position.
  9. Be sure to accelerate in the up portion of this exercise.

Click HERE For The Main FAQ Page!
This is just one question out of many! View the full listing of FAQs here.

You can contact me with your questions and comments at dspikehead@hotmail.com.


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