Cannonball Delts!

While everyone loves there 'money' muscles, biceps and chest, the delts are possible the most important muscle group for looking 'huge'.

While everyone loves there 'money' muscles, biceps and chest, the delts are possible the most important muscle group for looking 'huge'. Delts are what make you look wide. Just think about two regular people, one is hunched over with drooping shoulders while the other is standing upright and shoulders back. Who looks more impressive? That width is what is important and as I see it there are two main things stopping people from achieving this in the gym.

RULE 1: Stop all specific front delt work. Your front delts get destroyed when you do your chest session so hitting them again in your delt workout will not allow then to recuperate and as a result you whole delt region won't grow.

RULE 2: When doing any from of lat raises, keep the back of the dumbbell level or higher than the front. If the front is higher you will be working the front delts not the middle delt which is what you desire.

Callum's Wonderful Width Workout

This is my current delt routine and I have noticed great results in improving my width. The form is important but not to the extent that you sacrifice too much weight. Give it a go every 5-7 days and you should notice an immediate difference.

Behind the back cable lateral raises.

Attach a D handle to a low cable pulley and stand as if you were to do normal cable laterals but run the cable behind you. Remember keep the back of the handle higher or level and stay parallel to the station so you high the middle heads. Perform 1-2 warm-up sets the 3 sets of 6-10 reps.

Behind the neck barbell presses.

Many people frown upon this exercise but that is there loss. You can and probably will hurt yourself on this exercise if you jump straight into it. By that I mean using free weights. Use a smith machine for the first few months. This exercise has been a staple in my delt work for almost 4 months, but I have only used free weights for the past 2 weeks. Also make sure you use a bench with back support. Studies have proven not using back support is bad for you body and detracts from what you are trying to achieve. Perform 1 warm-up set followed by 3 sets of 6-8 reps.

A Superset: Wide grip upright rows and dumbbell laterals.

Simple, get a straight barbell and a pair of dumbbells. Do 6-8 reps of wide grip upright rows, hand at armpits when the bar is lifted all the way, then do 6-10 reps of dumbbell laterals. Perform 3 sets.

So to recap:

Behind the back cable lateral raises 3x 6-10
Behind the neck barbell presses 3x 6-8
A Superset: Wide grip upright rows and dumbbell laterals 3 supersets.

There you have it try it. You should get a great session and immediate growth. I would love to here from anybody who trys it, so email me and tell me how it went.

Until next time,
Don't try to be someone, try to be better than that someone,


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