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New Chapter Brand Guide

About New Chapter

New Chapter® has been working toward an organic, sustainable world since their inception in 1982. Their guiding principles include advancing the organic mission and nourishing the body with the natural intelligence of whole food. New Chapter believes the natural purity of organic ingredients is better for people and better for the environment. That's why many New Chapter vitamin, mineral, and herbal supplements are made with organic vegetables and herbs.

New Chapter has also long been committed to avoiding genetically modified organisms (GMOs) when possible. In fact, New Chapter was the very first vitamin and supplement company to be Non-GMO Project verified.

The New Chapter Difference

New Chapter® believes the most appropriate way to deliver nutrients for your body to use is through the infinite complexity of whole food. They ferment vitamins, minerals, and herbs in a matrix of organic fruits and vegetables and live probiotics. The fermented nutrients are transformed into whole-food complexes for your body's benefit.

In fact, New Chapter takes a whole-food approach to every formulation, whether it's whole-food complexed multivitamins, whole fish oil, whole-food plant-based calcium, or whole herbs and herbal extracts.

Discover the New Chapter difference—nourishment and health sourced from the Earth's most beneficial whole ingredients. Just as Nature intended.

Nature's Whole Complement Of Seventeen Omegas!

Wholemega from New Chapter® is a natural choice for fitness programs, with its broad profile of whole Omega fatty acids. Wholemega whole fish oil delivers the whole complement of 17 Omega fatty acids—3, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9's—found in one of Nature's true superfoods: Wild Alaskan Salmon.

  • 17 Whole Omegas - 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9's
  • Naturally Pure
  • 100% Wild-Caught Alaskan Salmon
  • Natural Antioxidants

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