NO2 Black Full Cycle
NO2 Black Full Cycle

NO2 Black Full Cycle

Full Cycle Performance!*
Formulated With Nitric Oxide Precursors!*
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Product Overview


MRI® is a company that is virtually synonymous with the term, “leading edge.” From its very inception, MRI was already deeply rooted in a rich history of innovation. In fact, the founder of the company was the visionary that first introduced creatine monohydrate as a viable performance supplement.

Incredibly, the MRI research team again hit the “mother lode” of supplement technology when it launched the industry’s very first, truly advanced nitric oxide (NO) generating product. This revolutionary achievement absolutely rocked the supplement world and thrust MRI into “superstar” status.

Of course, it didn’t take long for a slew of “me-too” companies to try and cash in on the NO craze with “knock off” products. These days, supplement store shelves are absolutely littered with NO products – many of them being dismal formulation failures. As a result, consumers must wade through a virtual minefield of marketing hype, misinformation and empty claims and may end up wasting their hard earned cash. Choosing the right nitric oxide product is no small task.

Think about it this way; all cars have 4 wheels, a windshield and a steering wheel – but there are tremendous difference between a Go-Cart and a Lamborghini. The question is, relative to your NO product, which do you prefer; something that might just get you by, or a high-performance “machine?”

Fortunately, there is one way to cut through the nonsense – by choosing MRI, the undisputed “forefather” of all NO supplements. We launched and perfected the nitric oxide category with cutting edge ingredients, backed by emerging scientific research, in fully efficacious doses.* Our technologies deliver the Lamborghini’s of NO supplementation.

Goal-oriented consumers, from hard core bodybuilders to fitness enthusiasts, have come to trust the steadfast integrity of MRI. Our NO products over deliver on what others merely promise. That’s why you will find MRI NO products as staple supplements in the gym bags of hard training athletes.

Our nitric oxide products are not built on “hype”- they are engineered for performance.


First, there was NO2 Platinum – the supplement that took the supplement world by storm. Then there was NO2 BLACK, a powerful hemodilator that leveraged ACTINOS2 to upregulate nitric oxide-generating NOS enzymes.* Now, after years of painstaking research into the emerging science of performance bioenergetics comes…NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE.

NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE® - a new chapter in the legacy of NO2® BLACK begins.

From its very inception, NO2 BLACK revolutionized performance supplementation. Now, after years of dedicated service, the classic NO2 BLACK formulation has been fully upgraded. This is everything you expect from NO2 BLACK…and more – much more!

  • Ground Breaking Full Cycle Nitric Oxide Optimizer*
  • Sustains Peak Power & Delays Onset of Muscle Fatigue*
  • Formulated with Nitric Oxide Precursors*
  • With Dual NOS Upregulators*
  • Helps Buffer against Arginase*
  • Supports Muscle Protein Synthesis*

NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE engages key cellular targets to trigger a “full cycle” of training support.*


The name says it all: NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE™. This is the power of the NO2 BLACK legacy formula, “super charged” to impact the full, quad cycle of training performance

  1. Pre-Performance: Before a workout even begins, muscles are primed for performance by nitric oxide induced, nutrient-surging blood flow fueled by NOS upregulators and NO precursors.*
  2. Training Intensity: As the high-intensity phase engages, key nutrients help delay muscle fatigue, amplify workout capacity and sustain peak power.*
  3. Endurance Potential: Then, L-Carnitine and Grape Seed Extract help drive skeletal muscle bioenergetics by promoting efficient fat-to-fuel conversion and oxygen utilization.*
  4. Post-Workout: Before the workout comes to a close, protein synthesis has already engaged – preparing muscles for optimal post-workout recovery and growth.*

NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE helps optimize training and recovery potential through all four phases of a muscle-stimulating workout session.*


The core power of NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE is thrust into action through a “full cycle” of nitric oxide-amplifying pathways.*

1250% More Nitric oxied. Feed, Fuel, Protect, Activate. NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE drives NO induced performance on four powerful fronts; feeding, fueling, protecting and activating muscle.* Here is how it works: First, the L-Arginine precursor, L-Citrulline, effectively “feeds” more L-Arginine into the NO – production matrix. Second, premium sources of L-Arginine provide the “high-octane” base that fuels NO conversion. Third, L-Norvaline helps combat the Arginine-altering enzymes to help support greater reserves of NO fuel. Fourth, the NO generating “factories” are upregulated on two fronts, yielding up to an astonishing 1250% more nitric oxide*

Bottom line – NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE is a scientifically advanced hemodilator that leverages the very latest emerging research on nitric oxide and muscle bioenergetics.


Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS) enzymes function as “factories” for converting specific raw materials (L-Arginine) into cell signaling NO molecules. If you are familiar with nitric oxide supplements, particularly MRI supplements, this may not be earth shattering news. For years MRI has incorporated variations of the NOS upregulating ACTINOS fraction in select products, including the classic NO2 BLACK formulation. In fact, the ACTINOS2 fraction provided the key to supporting 950% more nitric oxide with NO2 BLACK.*

Now, NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE adds a “5th dimension” of nitric oxide production through preservation of the NOS enzymes themselves. By adding this additional layer of support, the NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE formula may support production to an incredible 1250% more nitric oxide.*This “5th dimension” of nitric oxide performance hinges on something you’ve likely never head of; Tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4), a key redox-active cofactor in endothelial isoform of NO synthase (eNOS) catalyst and is an important determinant of NO-dependent signaling pathways. That was a really technical way of saying that BH4 is needed to make NOS work.i

A critical factor in keeping BH4 active is ascorbic acid (as found in NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE) – more on that in a moment. First, it is important to note that both BH4 and ascorbic acid may contribute to promoting NO-dependent vasodilation. However, both compounds possess redox capabilities that may alter vascular reactivity independent of their effects on the bioavailability of NO.ii Translation – BH4 and ascorbic acid may promote vasodilation independent of nitric oxide activity!*

Here’s where things get really interesting. In addition to eliciting NO-independent vasodilation, ascorbic acid also directly supports the integrity of BH4. This is important because the underlying mechanism to increase NO is related to endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS) tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4).iii In fact, several in-vivo studies involving studies in human endothelial cells (that’s impressive) have been completedx,xi,iv,v which suggest that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) enhances eNOS activity by increasing availability of BH4.*

In one study alone, investigators found Pretreatment of human endothelial cells incubated 24-hours with ascorbic acid led to an up to 3-fold (300%) increase of intracellular tetrahydrobiopterin (BH4) levels.x,vi Remember; BH4 is essential to NOS form and function. Therefore, achieving 300% more BH4 may significantly support greater nitric oxide-generating potential.

NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE features key technologies that support the “full cycle” of nitric oxide production mechanisms.


The energy flow through biological systems (like muscle cells) is called bioenergetics. By supporting key bioenergetic pathways with L-Carnitine, L-Arginine and Grape Seed Extract, NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE helps amplify your workout capacity, sustain peak power, and delay the onset of muscle fatigue.* These are not trivial claims – they are backed by emerging scientific research in humans.

One randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 61 healthy, untrained men evaluated a combination of either 1,500 mg L-arginine, 300 mg grape seed extract and 150 mg polyethylene glycol (PEG)i or 3,000 mg L-arginine, 300 mg grape seed extract and 300 mg PEG given daily on an empty stomach for 28 days. Compared to placebo, individuals consuming either supplement experienced a significantly greater (P.05) physical working capacity, or the highest power output that can be sustained for an extended period of time without neuromuscular evidence of fatigue.*vii

Another randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial involving 41 healthy college-age males consuming a combination of 3,000 mg L-arginine, 300 mg grape seed extract and 300 mg polyethylene glycol for 4 weeks experienced a significantly greater increase in power output and gas exchange ratio during the cycle ergometer test to exhaustion compared to placebo.*viii

These results may be due, in part, to the fact that grape seed extract (GSE) supports mitochondrial oxygen consumption in skeletal muscle tissue, using pyruvate as the substrate.* Furthermore, GSE increases the genetic expression of key genes and modulates the enzyme activity of proteins, which are involved in the citric acid cycle and electron transport chain (ETC).*ix Additionally, there is a significant body of experimental evidence that supports grape seed extract as an antioxidant.* For instance, both test-tubex,xi,xii,xiii and animal researchxiv,xv,xvi,xvii,xviii,xix,xx,xxi suggests the antioxidant activity of grape seed extract (GPSE). Furthermore, human studies support the ability of GPSE to function as an antioxidant.*xxii,xxiii,xxiv,xxv,xxvi

With the amino acid L-Carnitine added into the equation, the performance-supporting potential of NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE is complete. L-Carnitine has a well-established role in cellular metabolism, particularly related to its ability to transport long-chain fatty acids into the mitochondria so they can be oxidized ("burned") to produce energy.* The relevance of L-Carnitine’s role in this process is further confirmed by its high concentration in tissues like skeletal and cardiac muscle that utilize fatty acids as a dietary fuel.xxvii,xxvii Mitochondrial fatty acid oxidation appears to be rate-limiting for ATP production from fatty acids in exercising humans.xxix

NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE features efficacious, scientifically validated levels of L-Arginine, Grape Seed Extract and L-Carnitine to help drive the “full cycle” of muscle bioenergetics.*


The time spent in the gym wrenching weights off the floor, rep after grueling rep, simply provides the stimulus for growth. The real muscle growth occurs long after a training session is complete, during the post-workout hours. Therefore, getting a “head-start” on recovery could translate into better results and performance readiness for the next workout. NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE, key ingredients help to engage recovery mechanisms before a workout is complete.*

As a top-shelf hemodilator, NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE features efficacious levels of L-Arginine. Of course, this supports muscle-pumping, nutrient-surging hemodilation to help “feed” recovering muscle.* However, L-Arginine also helps to ramp up other post workout recovery mechanisms; as a precursor to creatine and by supporting muscle protein synthesis (the production of muscle proteins).*xxx,xxxi

Next is L-Carnitine. L-Carnitine was previously mentioned for its role in transporting long chain fatty acids to mitochondria for energy production (helps to use fat for fuel). As it turns out, supplementing with various sources of l-carnitine has also been suggested to reduce muscle soreness and markers of muscle damage, which play a key role in recovery after resistance exercise.*xxxii


NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE represents the current pinnacle of nitric oxide performance, formulated by the innovative company that started the entire NO category, MRI. This dynamic formula, gleaned from the latest emerging research, pushes the very bounds of cell signaling and hemodilation technologies. Each dual-layer tablet is a self-contained vault of advanced compounds ready to engage cellular targets. Once the tablets are consumed, the doors of dispersion open into a floodgate of full cycle performance support. Muscles become pre-loaded with a surge of hemodilation, driven by 1250% more nitric oxide.* As the workout session rages on, key ingredients help delay fatigue and sustain peak power – supporting high intensity sets. Then, prolonged training potential is “fed” by compounds on the cutting edge of muscle bioenergetics. When the last grueling rep is performed, the workout comes to a close with protein synthesis already engaged – making way for optimal training recovery.*

NO2 BLACK FULL CYCLE – the future of nitric oxide-leveraged performance is here.

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Out of 10

great pump,

Out of 10

Tried the Full cycle because it supposedly had a higher nitric oxide uptake level than regular NO2 black. I'm switching back. The Full Cycle made me feel flat compared to the regular. Had the same when I switched from Black Powder to the Ultra. Tried them separately so I know both had the same effect.

Out of 10

I thought this product was okay. I much prefer the original MRI Black. The Full Cycle seems to be lacking in pump and overall explosive energy that I found in their regular Black supplement.

Out of 10

No written review.

Out of 10

not too bad on the boost but it doesn't last very long. I've to up it with caffeine tabs, beta alanine and L-Arganine

Out of 10

great pump,

Out of 10

Excellent product to help in pre-workout, post-workout pump. Would recommend.

Out of 10

Tried the Full cycle because it supposedly had a higher nitric oxide uptake level than regular NO2 black. I'm switching back. The Full Cycle made me feel flat compared to the regular. Had the same when I switched from Black Powder to the Ultra. Tried them separately so I know both had the same effect.

Out of 10

One of the best things on the market. Liked this a lot better then creatine. Gives you pump makes your veins pop out more. My only suggesting is not to take this while doing a lot of cardio, It does dehadryate you a lot faster then normal so you have to drink a lot more water to compensate for this but well worth it. Second time using it and it still works great. Helps maximize gains and get leaner. The pills are rather large so if you do get these I suggest keeping a tart drink around or something thick. Ex. Sunny D, Orange juice, Chocolate milk, Protein shakes etc...

Out of 10

I thought this product was okay. I much prefer the original MRI Black. The Full Cycle seems to be lacking in pump and overall explosive energy that I found in their regular Black supplement.

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150 Caplets
150 Caplets
50 Servings | $0.90 Per Serving
In Stock

What's in MRI NO2 Black Full Cycle

150 Caplets
Supplement Facts
Serving Size3Caplets
Servings Per Container50
Amount Per Serving % DV†
Vitamin C (As Ascorbic Acid) 180mg 300%
Vitamin D3 (As Cholecalciferol) 800IU 200%
Layer One, HemoCycle Proprietary Blend Brown 2147.5mg **
L-Arginine, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Citrulline Malate, N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride, Grape Seed Extract (Vitis Vinifera L.), Grape Skin Extract (Vitis Vinifera L.), L-Norvaline, ActiNOS™ CFM Nitro® P
Layer Two, HemoCycle Proprietary Blend (Beige) 1947.5mg **
L-Arginine, L-Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate, Citrulline Malate, N-Acetyl-L-Carnitine Hydrochloride, L-Norvaline, Grape Seed Extract (Vitis Vinifera L.) Grape Skin Extract (Vitis Vinifera L.),ActiNOS™ CFM Nitro® P
† Percent Daily Values (%DV) are based on a 2,000 calorie diet
** Daily Value not established
Other Ingredients:
Microcrystalline Cellulose, Croscarmellose Sodium, Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide, Polyvinylpyrrolidone, Triacetin.
No: Eggs, Wheat, Gluten, Soy, Nuts, Tree Nuts, Fish, Shell Fish
Contains Milk Ingredients.

Directions For NO2 Black Full Cycle: Take 3 caplets 30 minutes before breakfast on an empty stomach. For maximum results, take 2 more caplets mid-afternoon or before you workout.

Warnings: Consult your healthcare professional prior to use if you have or suspect a medical condition, including high blood pressure and a history of cold sores, are taking prescription drugs, or have allergies to arginine or corn. Do not use if you are pregnant or lactating. Not intended for use by individuals under the age of 18 years. Do not exceed the recommended intake.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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