BCAA Power Powder

BCAA Power Powder

Fermented Amino Acids
With Glutamine and Electrolytes
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30 Servings
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Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) consist of three amino acids - leucine, valine, and isoleucine. BCAAs play a significant role in building and repairing muscle after a workout, and also act as a "signal" to your muscles that nutrients are available for increasing muscle mass. Muscle proteins are damaged during exercise, and muscle cells will use BCAAs to buffer the loss of certain non-essential amino acids or to provide energy during long periods of exhaustive training.*


LABRADA BCAA POWER™ is a delicious BCAA powdered drink mix made using highest quality, fermented BCAA amino acids, fermented L-glutamine, plus electrolytes.

The 2:1:1 ratio BCAA blend (2 leucine: 1 isoleucine: 1 valine) contained in BCAA POWER™ has been shown to be the optimum ratio in providing both amino acids as building blocks AND taking advantage of leucine's role as an anabolic signal in the muscle cell.

Taking this BCAA combination immediately prior to, or during exercise will prime your muscles to respond to your training.


Did you know that not all BCAA (Branched Chain Amino Acids) supplements are created equal? Not from the ratio, or additional ingredient standpoint... but from the actual QUALITY of the aminos themselves.

There are a several different ways to produce amino acids, and the most common method is a harsh acid extraction from animal products. This process, which involves hydrolysis for several hours using high heat and strong acids, creates amino acid hydrolysates that must then be filtered, dried, and refined to make them fit for human consumption. This is the most popular way to produce amino acids due to the abundance of raw materials, lower cost and ease of manufacturing. This process may produce a product that is contaminated with allergens.

The other, less common, and more expensive method of production of amino acids is accomplished through the fermentation of cultures in a pharmaceutical lab. Through this process, no animal products are used as starting materials; and no harsh chemicals or high heat treatments are used to manufacture the aminos. The result is a higher quality, allergen-free, and more efficacious amino acid product.

Labrada proudly uses fermented BCAAs and L-glutamine in BCAA POWER™, to ensure that you receive the highest quality and value for your dollar, while protecting you from contaminants found in lower quality amino acids.


7g Fermented, pure branched chain amino acids providing high levels of leucine to stimulate protein synthesis and insulin for post-workout muscle growth.*

3g Fermented, pure L-glutamine to help protect muscle tissue from breakdown and improve recovery.*.

1g Coconut Water Extract for Electrolyte Replacement to help replace electrolytes lost from sweating and improve hydration.*


20mg Calcium 40mg Potassium

25mg Sodium 2mg Magnesium

1mcg Chromium 1mcg Molybdenum

Vegan Friendly

Clean, refreshing taste - Delicious!


Product labeling should mean what it says. Labrada Nutrition performs independent 3rd party product testing at analytical labs to ensure that Super Charge!® meets the label claims. Every lot of Labrada products is tested to ensure the contents are PRECISE. Labrada Nutrition has been performing independent 3rd party product testing at analytical labs for over 20 years, and has received a Federal Trademark registration for Lee Labrada’s well-known product quality guarantee:

"If it's on the Label, it's in the bottle!"®

Ratings & Reviews

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BCAA Power Powder Reviews
118 Total Ratings
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    9.6 | 24 Ratings
    9.4 | 5 Flavors
  • 9.3
    Orange Mango
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Out of 10

I received the mango as a sample...The overall flavor and texture was good. It was nice and fruity which I like. I liked it so much I place an order for the mango and pineapple. I really enjoy the pineapple as well.

  • 8Orange Mango
  • 8Pina Colada
Out of 10

The flavor was difficult to get used to at first. You can tell it's fermented by the taste. I just diluted it with more water and it is tolerable but not my favorite BCAA.

  • 7Pina Colada
  • 8Strawberry Kiwi
Out of 10

Tastes amazing. I mix it with my pre-workout to really enhance my session. I've tried many other amino blends, and this has the best result/taste/price combo.

Out of 10

It tastes so **** good

Out of 10

I have had the opportunity to try all three flavors and none of them disappoint. All three are fantastic. I usually sip Amino Thrust during my workouts but these taste so good I may sub them in. I add this into my postwork out shake which consistent of unflavored or vanilla supps. The added flavor from the BCAA is amazing. Its like drinking a fruit smoothy. The amino breakdown is great as well. It has a higher amount then in most other powders and having the glutamine added in has allowed me to stop adding it separately. Add to that the electrolyte complex and it is great for recovery. I would recommend this to anyone looking to add a BCAA either to trigger protein synthesis or to get more protein building blocks without the calories.

  • 10Orange Mango
  • 8Pina Colada
  • 9Strawberry Kiwi
Out of 10

Having a hard time drinking enough water, the only way I can keep myself properly hydrated is by drinking flavored water. The strawberry kiwi flavor by Labrada is refreshing to sip on throughout my workout. I also add in two scoops into my gallon water jug and carry it around all day. Being a marathon runner, I put two scoops of BCAA into my Camelbak and I am able to cruise through the miles with ease.

  • 10Strawberry Kiwi
Out of 10

I received two trial packets of the Pina Colada flavor and it's fantastic! I train early in the morning and this is a great BCAA to drink during my workouts. It's not too sweet, the Pina Colada flavor is spot on, and it's very refreshing. It mixes up very easily. No floaters or clumps. It doesn't have a lot of artificial coloring and has no weird aftertaste. I like the BCAA profile, and it's an awesome addition to my workout. I really look forward to drinking this. Great product!

  • 10Pina Colada
Out of 10

Great flavor (orange Mango), smooth and not too much food color. I love the bcaa ratio and the addition of electrolytes. Works very well.

  • 10Orange Mango
Out of 10

I received a trial packet of the Strawberry Kiwi flavor . I admit, the taste is on point. It tastes like strawberry kiwi. Excellent taste. Not chalky, and no after taste. If in the future, I decide to add BCAAs to my regimen, I will definitely go with this one. Great taste.

Out of 10

The flavor is great. I received 2 trial packs for a total of 10 servings and I have been very pleased.

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What's in Labrada BCAA Power Powder

Serving Size: 1 Scoop (14g)
Servings Per Container: 30
Amount Per Serving % DV **
Calories 10       
Total Carbohydrate 2 g 1%*
Sugars 1 g
Calcium 35 mg 4%
Magnesium 4 mg 1%
Sodium 15 mg 1%
Potassium 30 mg 1%
Fermented Branched Chain Amino Acid Complex 2:1:1 7 g       
Fermented Leucine 3.5 g
Fermented Isoleucine 1.75 g
Fermented Valine 1.75 g
Fermented L-Glutamine 3 g
* Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
† Daily Values not established.
Other Ingredients:
Coconut Water, Malic Acid, Citric Acid, Coconut Oil Creamer, Natural Flavor, Calcium Silicate, Beet Juice (Color), Silicon Dioxide, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium (Ace-K).
Allergen Information: Contains Soy (Lecithin), Tree Nuts

Directions For BCAA Power Powder: Mix 1 scoop in 8 oz of cold water or your favorite beverage, before or after training. On non-training days, take 1 scoop mixed in 8 oz of water or your favorite beverage, any time of day. Store in a cool, dry place.

Warnings: Do not exceed two scoops per dose. Always consult your doctor before using any dietary supplement. Do not use if you are pregnant, nursing or have liver or kidney problems.

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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