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    High Energy Labs Guide

    About High Energy Labs™

    High Energy Labs™ is a leader in sports nutrition. We are devoted to manufacturing the highest quality and most efficacious nutritional supplements on the planet. All of our products contain pharmaceutical grade, patented ingredients and clinical doses to help you reach and exceed your fitness and nutrition goals. When you choose High Energy Labs supplements, you are choosing a company whose standards of excellence and product integrity reflect your commitment to a healthy, fit lifestyle.

    • Pharmaceutical Grade
    • Clinical Doses
    • Patented Ingredients
    • Guaranteed Results!
    Join the Revolution

    The High Energy Labs™ Difference

    At High Energy Labs™, we are passionate about what we do and are committed to bettering your health and fitness. While many supplement companies spend all their money on celebrities and promoting cheap ineffective products, we spend all of ours on research and product development to ensure that your get results! With High Energy Labs there is no hype and our products speak for themselves.

    Our products are guaranteed to be 100% pure and we expect you to demand the best when it comes to what you put in your body. If you are looking for results, then High Energy Labs products are for you. It’s time to step up and Join the Revolution!™

    Superhero Commercial

    DISCLAIMER: This video clip may NOT BE SUITABLE for all audiences. View at your own risk.

    This superhero is depressed and his super powers are off and he gets beat up at a bar. After taking High Energy Labs products he returns to decapitate the egotistic jerk-wad and tosses his head in a dumpster.

    Video Length | 1:15

    TestoRx Commercial

    Sci-Fi commercial staring David Kimmerle (Top Fitness Model/Celebrity Personal Trainer)

    TestoRx contains clinically suggested, patented ingredients to help give you the results you are looking for!*

    Video Length | 0:30

    SomaRest Commercial

    Cave Girl can not sleep and asks her man to hit her over the head. He declines and has his buddy hit her over the head instead. His buddy knocks her out and then knocks him out and steals his woman. Cave man then wakes up alone with a headache. Should have taken SomaRest instead...

    Video Length | 1:10

    Nighttime Formula!

    SomaRest was formulated and designed to help aid in natural and healthy sleep patterns.* New breakthrough helps you recover faster, fall asleep quicker, increase quality sleep, and help you awake more refreshed.* The most important of the body's recovery process is sleep.

    • Promotes Deep Restful Sleep*
    • Supports Recovery & Restoration*
    • All Natural

    Testofen, ZMA, & Tribulus!

    TestoRx™ contains the patented ingredient Testofen® which has been clinically suggested to boost testosterone levels.* Combine that with our Androgenic Testosterone Matrix, Anti-Aromatase Estrogen blockers, and a Bio-Enhancer blend and you have one serious combination of 14 ingredients that take your workout to a new level!*

    • Increase Testosterone Levels*
    • Increase Strength & Lean Body Mass*
    • Boost Energy & Recovery*

    Joint Health!*

    High Energy Labs has introduced one of the most complete blends of joint supporting ingredients.* Introducing Multiflex Complete! This all in one formula helps to not only support joint function, but help with joint strength and flexibility.*

    • Micronized for Increased Absorbency
    • Promotes Healthy Joint Function*
    • Supports Joinnt Strength & Flexibility*

    Supports Lean Muscle Growth!*

    No matter what sport or activity you are involved in, ElectroAmino may help you perform at your very best!* ElectroAmino is a unique combination of Electrolytes, Branch Cain Amino Acids (BCAAs) and key vitamins and minerals to help support energy, aid in recovery, and help provide support against the catabolic effects of training.*

    • Supports Lean Muscle Growth*
    • Helps Prevent Muscle Catabolysis*
    • Promote Increased Energy*

    All High Energy Labs Products

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    High Energy Labs Blender Bottle

    With Patented Blender Ball!

    The Best Mixer Since The Wire Wisk!

    out of 10  Good Rate Product
    30% Off
    In Stock

    High Energy Labs SomaRest, 60 Capsules

    Nighttime Formula!

    Promotes Deep Restful Sleep & Healthy Sleep Patterns!*

    out of 10  Excellent Rate Product
    Supported Goal: Health & Wellness
    Main Ingredient: Valerian
    Servings: 30
    Price Per Serving: $0.58
    65% Off
    In Stock

    High Energy Labs Multiflex Complete, 90 Capsules

    Joint Health!*

    Complete Joint Support Formula Promotes Health Function!*

    out of 10  Excellent Rate Product
    Supported Goal: Joint Support
    Main Ingredient: Glucosamine
    Servings: 30
    Price Per Serving: $0.67
    33% Off
    In Stock

    High Energy Labs TestoRx, 60 Capsules

    Testofen, ZMA, & Tribulus!

    Ingredients To Help Give You The Results You Are Looking For!*

    out of 10  Good Rate Product
    Supported Goal: Build Muscle
    Main Ingredient: Tribulus
    Servings: 30
    Price Per Serving: $1.66
    29% Off
    In Stock

    High Energy Labs Galvanized N.O., 363 Grams

    Get Your Pump On!*

    Energy, Strength And Performance Support To Power Through Your Training!*

    out of 10  Excellent Rate Product
    Supported Goal: Improve Workout
    Main Ingredient: BCAAs
    Servings: 30
    Price Per Serving: $0.80
    40% Off
    In Stock

    High Energy Labs Electro Amino, 120 Chewable Tablets

    Supports Lean Muscle Growth!*

    Unique Combination of Electrolytes, BCAAs, Key Vitamins and Minerals!

    out of 10  Excellent Rate Product
    Supported Goal: Improve Endurance
    Main Ingredient: Amino Acids
    Servings: 30
    Price Per Serving: $0.70
    30% Off
    In Stock
    High Energy Labs Ultimate GH Stack

    High Energy Labs Ultimate GH Stack

    Take Your Workouts To A New Level!*

    Promote Increased Strength & Lean Body Mass!*

    out of 10  Good Rate Product
    Supported Goal: Build Muscle
    53% Off
    In Stock
    * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

    1-7 of 7 Results
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    Click The First Letter Of Product Name


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