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/// What is the Bodybuilding.com Quality Checked Program?

The Bodybuilding.com Quality Checked Program highlights companies that have subjected their products to three strict levels of excellence and quality testing. Once a supplement company has fulfilled these objectives, they receive the Bodybuilding.com Quality Checked Seal of Approval to be displayed on the product's page. Companies who have this certification must pass a three step process to ensure the quality and effectiveness of their products:

  1. Manufacturers are first required to provide proof that their facilities are Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) compliant. To do so, their facilities must undergo a rigorous inspection process that is performed by a third party such as the Natural Products Association.
  2. Next, they are required to show proof that the specific product applying for the seal was tested for quality and provide a Certificate of Analysis once the test is complete.
  3. Finally, the product must have a cumulative rating of 6 or higher on the 10 point customer satisfaction scale with a minimum of 30 consumer ratings.

Once all three requirements are met, the product is awarded the Bodybuilding.com Quality Checked Seal.

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