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  • Our goal and promise to you, is to bring to market, innovative sports nutrition products and surpass your expectations.

Infinite Labs Brand Guide

Infinite Labs

Infinite Labs® is evolving into one of the fastest-growing, research-based brands in the athletic industry. With a calculated focus on the growth and development of the Infinite community, we reinvented ourselves in 2009 with the goal of generating formulas that are unique, innovative and cutting edge while still providing unparalleled customer service.

In always keeping our customers first priority, the Infinite creed "Innovation that Exceeds Expectation" captures the essence of what our team at Infinite sets out to accomplish every day. Here at Infinite Labs®, we pride ourselves in making sure that absolute care is provided to each and every aspect of the manufacturing process in order to guarantee the purity, potency, and optimal quality of our dietary supplements.

Advanced Pre-Workout Optimizer!*

Juggernaut HP

Designed to provide users with a unique blood boiling "plasma expanding" pump. The inclusion of Agmatine Sulfate with other performance enhancing ingredients is believed to achieve a synergistic effect unique to users.*

  • Increase Lean Mass*
  • Stimulate Muscle Fiber Growth*
  • Provide Explosive Power*
  • Prolong the "Pump" Sensation*

Built To Outlast!*


CarnoCre™ Features the synergy between Creatine analogs and Beta-Alanine to dramatically increase exercise performance*

  • Helps Improve Muscular Strength*
  • Helps Increase Muscle Endurance*
  • Helps Increase Power Output*
  • Helps Increase Carnosine Levels*
  • Helps Increase Lean Muscle Mass*
  • Helps Buffer Intra Muscular Acidosis
  • Supports Rapid Re-synthesis of ATP*

Testosterone Optimization!*

Cyclo Bolan NT

A safe and effective alternative to potentially dangerous prescription hormones.*

  • Helps Optimize Testosterone Bioavailability*
  • Helps Provide Endocrine Support*
  • Helps Decrease Estrogen and DHT Conversion*
  • Helps Increase Strength and Muscle Training Performance*

Boost Your Body's Ability To Burn Body Fat!*

Carnitine MTX

Boost your body's ability to burn body fat with Carnitine MTX™.* Whether you want to support the health of your heart, improve athletic performance or burn body fat, Carnitine MTX™ can help you get the results you are looking for.*

  • Helps Athletic Performance*
  • Helps Reduce Body Fat*
  • Helps PROMOTE Quicker Recovery*
  • Helps Increase Anabolic Hormone Response*
  • Helps Reduce Muscle Damage*
  • Helps Convert Fat to Energy*

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